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2/16/2005 c1 Shadow-Fire2007
This was a very exciting tale i hope to see more of this.
4/15/2004 c6 wolfgang
I really liked this story, maybe even more than your other stories.
p.s. cuddled
4/15/2004 c4 Alice Potato
This story is really good. It’s very, very, well-written, with very few spelling and grammar mistakes and the plot is unique. That would be rather odd, having a second personality . . .
And I want t’ be one of those anthros! Preferably a wolf one if there are some . . .
Oh, one comment: When the felitaur, Blizzard, crashes into Kyrana, shi thinks ‘should’ve noticed her scent’. Cats really don’t use their sense of smell, they use it about as much as humans do, and a human would not have caught someone’s scent and realized not to walk into the other person.
But, anyway, good job, and write more!
4/7/2004 c4 13LordUltima
So far so good, now I think there should be more explosions... yes we needz more explosions
Nu, you cant make me
4/6/2004 c6 Magician-Valkyrie
Magician-Valkyrie: Dude...that was awesome, i think the plot went to fast...but still awesome!
Nirina: *is clapping* I agree but...beautiful! Simply beautiful!
Magician-Valkyrie: hey...sorry about not reviewing sooner...haven't been on lately...
Nirina:Yeah...sorry bout that...oh man...I wanna see what happens to Kyr, Acedia, and Blizzard!
Magician-Valkyrie: You and me both! Ok, Nirina, we have to watch for A Twisted Fate!
Nirina: Yes, definatly!
Magician-Valkyrie and Nirina: wonderful story! We look forward to the sequal!
4/6/2004 c5 wolfgang
I really liked this chapter.You took my advice and made more fight scenes.By the way nice touch with warcraft 3 monsters and buildings.
4/5/2004 c6 5umbrius
JOE: Well, I've finally got ch6 up, but now I've run out of ideas, so Kyr and Acedia will be continued in A Twisted Fate.
KYR: In A Twisted Fate, Joe's story and mine will be combined, but not until I finish with what I am doing with my characters. We still have a few chapters to go.
3/31/2004 c5 umbrius
JOE: GAH...finally, ch 5 is done. Ih hope that you liked this chapter, even though the war is over, for now, Gorgorroth escaped, he has to make a come back (all true villains do).
KYR:Not bad, but not enough detail. In other words, "close but no cigar"...
3/29/2004 c1 DarkTitan
This chapter of the story kept my attention long enough to finish it, it still needs some work but not much, i look forward to the other chapters to see what happens to Kyrana.
3/27/2004 c4 Wolfgang
Hey this was a very short chapter so I can't wait for the next chapter.
3/26/2004 c3 13LordUltima
Omega: HORRID SPELLING *TWITCH TWITCH*... Chakats bother me... hermaphordites are bad for the species, it shows weakness _
... Ignore him he just dosn't like things that have BREASTS to have the lower parts as well
_ Ok, other than that... and the fact that there are other kinds of anthromorphs besides the taurs' it'z bee good
Omega: Good god, not you too!
3/26/2004 c4 5umbrius
JOE: I hate having to write short chapters, but the stuff that I am putting into the next chapter (possibly two) would have made this REALLY big.
KYR: We promise that the next chapter will be full of action...
3/26/2004 c3 umbrius
JOE: I know that this is getting wierd, but these creatures are relevant.
KYR: Joey, I think that your writing is getting better, but you still need quite a bit of work. The end of this one I like, I have always enjoyed intrigue and betrayal etc.
3/26/2004 c3 4Magician-Valkyrie
-Magician-Valkyrie:Anthropomorph? Where in the world did you come up with that?
-Nirina:Don't looked so shocked, Magi, that's what i am
-Magician-Valkyrie:No, you are a Kitsura Celestial, now let me finish reviewing please?
-Nirina:Very Well...
-Magician-Valkyrie:Thank you...2 more wonderful chapters, but...
-Nirina:O, O, can I say it?
-Nirina:Ok! With the thougths, maybe you could someway give a heads up on who's thought is who's...i mean I got who's it was but other people might not, other than that, everything else is fine.
-Magician-Valkyrie:Yep, what Nirina said, and please be patient, i'm working on another story right now, and i'm typing the 1st chapter at the current moment, so again, please be patient with me!
3/26/2004 c3 wolfgang
it is very strange.
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