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for Jealousy

2/3/2005 c1 3Zeke the radness
You rock my cock. Honestly, I love this poem. You rock so much.
2/28/2001 c1 Carmen
1/19/2001 c1 woodie
that is really good! that is 1 of the best poems i have EVER read! seriously! put it in the , well, that thing that r school has each year..ya know, whith the poems.
1/13/2001 c1 11Beautiful 'N Bruised
I love that, its so true...
1/1/2001 c1 Carolina
That was good. and true. and thank you for reviewing my poem.
12/29/2000 c1 AmAnDa
wow...that was really good i like reading your stuff.
12/28/2000 c1 24Adara
good, except for the last line... that kind of broke the rhythm. Of course, you probably shouldn't pay too much attention to me, cuz I'm the one who's reviewing poetry at 1 in the morning...
12/28/2000 c1 8Whoopdido
no way u r 1 of the most nicest people i know! u probably dont agree but maybe that is how u feel right now but u shouldnt because you r my best friend always!


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