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for It's Been a While

1/21/2005 c1 6DancinDramaFreak
This is nice. Not as deep as some of your other poems, but in a way it's even deeper. The rhythm is nice, and I know you hate rhyme but I really like it. It was a nice poem. You know that feeling you get, when you feel like you should cry but you don't know why? Yeah, that's the feeling it gave me. This was sweet.
5/11/2004 c1 Rose Dark Thorn
This is a great poem.
It reminds me of the song, It's Been Awhile, by Staind. I recommend it to you.
4/10/2004 c1 kobebeefcake
I like this piece and I liked the way you wrote it so short. At first it somewhat reminded me of the song "It's Been A While" (a good song too) and I could hear the faint tune in my head. I liked the way you began this one... just, wow.

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