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for Folk Lore of Lust

4/6/2007 c1 ErosAndSunsets
Wow. i wish i could be more eloquent in describing how awesome this is. All of the crazy emotions, battles inside yourself, and ideas of temptation are summed up so beautifully in this piece.

I also love how you created a setting to explain and complement your message. I loved the descriptions of the sky and the "emerald trees", along with your banshee allusion. You used the imagery so well.

What stood out most to me was that the feeling of sadness. I interpreted the narrator as being in a conflict between her nature and her morals/soul. While (s)he depends so heavily on her soul and loves it, (s)he finds it so hard to resist her human nature and flaws, making her dispair.

Again, stikingly beautiful poem.
7/30/2004 c1 131Nizzles
*looks for a way to steal your talent* GodDAMN you're good! Condone murder! Yes! *laughs madly* At any rate...Keep up the good work, this is just one of your great peices.
5/2/2004 c1 HideAwayFairy
...*claps*Wow, that is amazing. I love all off it! I wish you would right a little more about yourself in your profile. Nice poem!
3/30/2004 c1 79Summerdazed
Hello there, this is summerdazed from FictionPress (w.fictionpress.com/~summerdazed) .
I'm writing to ask permission to print out your poem, the one in my favourite list, because I would like to read them over and over anytime and anywhere I want. So if you're okay with it, can you please reply and give me your REAL name? Because I think it's better if I put your real name instead of pen-names, since pen-names change and other people somewhere might have the same one.
Thanks anyway in advance, oh and I swear that I would never EVER steal your poem or do anything of that sort. Hope you'll trust me!
Review me if you're free!
p.s. ALL your poems are SO good!

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