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for Nothing But A Stranger

2/13/2014 c1 4Veronica Fay
Hi! I liked this a lot, and it had a lot for a short story!
4/20/2005 c1 11arachibutyrophobia
aw sad...sweet, one thing it went a bit fast, but as its a shor story i guess it cant be helped, the characters could use some depth (mary was a bit random, i felt) and the end...did she go after him, or what? wasnt quite sure.
5/11/2004 c1 5The Paperback Mummy
Wow. That was...amazing. *jumps up and down* I love Scotland! That's why one character in my story is Scottish. Your guys accents rock. *pumps fist in air* Okee, I'm getting off subject here...this story was fantastic. Phenemonal. Brilliant. Need I go on? It's going on my favorite stories list. =D
3/25/2004 c1 AlienVision
this was a good story... do u mind some constructive critisism? ur going to fast with this kind of stuff... and there's no background on the characters at all, hardly. maybe u could explain a couple of things before u start on the plot. the ending is kinda confusing... what happened? did clara go after davie? i wasnt too sure... and the relationship happened way too fast. one day? thats too unrealistic. otherwise i think this a a good story. keep on writing?

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