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for Pegasus

3/27/2004 c1 Gramiek
Mythology... is just so beautiful. It has so much room for someone to grow with its stories. I'm a mythology buff wanna-be I guess you could say. I'm so proud that you seperated the Hercules/Pegasus story... because those don't really exist in true mythology. I thought the story itself was beautiful. Well written, you gave the thoughts of the Pegasus personality, which was unlike the story. The style I mean. His thoughts were more blunt is what I mean to say. I felt the story could have been given more introduction. You could have set the mood more firmly with a little more description at the beginning. When your new horse looks towards the northern horizon, there is in fact a god of the northern horizon... don't ask me what he's called at this hour of the night, but perhaps he could look toward that god, as well as just the horizon. Just an idea. Goodness this review is long, I'm so sorry, but mythology is a passion of mine. I'm taking Latin in high school in fact. A very lovely story. Best wishes.
3/27/2004 c1 2Kaleema
I love the point of view of this story. Much more satisfying and with a ring of truth that the human centered tale lacks. Oh well if this version lacks a few hundred years on the original... Great job! Your personality for the Pegasus is wonderful and the emotions and scenery are grand.

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