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for I wish...

1/19/2001 c1 Woodie
neat-o. vivid imagination! :)
12/30/2000 c1 whoopdido
nightangel you can be everything you want espically a soccer star because you are the BEST!
12/30/2000 c1 16Dymphna Crea
I can really relate to this poem! I've had these thoughts myself at times...
12/29/2000 c1 Dolphingurl
Awesome. I love poems like this. It can represent just about anyones point of view
12/29/2000 c1 AmAnDa
Thats really good, i like poems that express how someone is feeling
12/29/2000 c1 21Snow Queen
Sorry I know the format kind of got messed up but I don't know how it happened so yeah

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