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1/27/2005 c1 BobbyPen52
You read my fanfic and I wated to tell you that Chapter 2 is up (or it should be).Sorry it took so long
7/16/2004 c3 22PheonixSlayer
Hey LG, love, you need to proof read your stuff. Spell check doesn't cut it. You said defiantly instead of definatly a few times...Anyways, I liked the changes you made. This is going to be a good story, sort of sci-fi though
6/30/2004 c2 30Fuu Hououji1
YES! another chapter! good for you!
I like the revision of the eye-color-says-what-the-heck-you-end-up-being-in-life system.
Nice flow, nice flow. Just keep it coming. A little fast-paced, but . . . y'know, it's mostly an intro, right? watch out for what comes next!
BTW, plot twists and turns are a very good thing.
6/28/2004 c2 22PheonixSlayer
hip hip hooray! you finally got more up. i just noticed the name similairity betwenn this story and ffx, y'know, jecht? oh well. dood job lg
4/4/2004 c1 30Fuu Hououji1
Yayness! At last, after maybe two YEARS of rewriting and revising on your part, you FINALLY have it up! :D I mean, the book has been in your mind for who KNOWS how long. I'll just repeat what I've said before: great plot, great story, great characters. Just make sure too keep developing those complex thoughts. I mean, for this story, you just HAVE to be able to see it from all perspectives. Great job, keep going, hurry up and update. No pressure. :P Yet. Luv ya tons.
P.S. - What exactly is "or lack there of" suppossed to mean?
3/29/2004 c1 me
even though you say it will make more sense as it you put more up, i think that the way you write makes the plot easier to understand (thats a good thing *smiley*) keep up the good work and get that second chapter up sometime soon ye hear.
3/28/2004 c1 22PheonixSlayer
LG, darling i'm so glad you finally got this up but, um the whole eye thing won't make sense to anyone who hasn't talked in person to you. mayhaps you should include a list of all the extras with your next chapter so readers know what's going on with eye/occupations realationshipo. :)

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