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for Forever

1/7/2005 c1 41ArchSaugim
Well, I'm not going to lie and say I perfectly understand it, but good job.
8/13/2004 c1 31Ramona Loretta
The meaning of this. Hm...to me it's that people put these definitions to these words. Forever is never-ending. Like a tunnel that keeps going. Never means something that...didn't happen? It's nothing. That's what they tell us. That's what's written in dictionaries...But EXACTLY...what is never...and forever...and most of all, what is nothing? Does forever, never, and nothing actually exist?
7/22/2004 c1 3Charon-dragon
very good! Kudos!
3/31/2004 c1 36Windsong
It's an interesting comparison - between forever and never. It got me to thinking, and that's always good, right? Duality is always a fun topic. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful or specific, but I just enjoyed the piece. Keep writing! -Windsong
3/28/2004 c1 HideAwayFairy
I can Kinda' grasp the meaning to this...I think. It's a very good piece, you play with the mind a lot, which isn't good for me cause I hardly have a mind to play with,lol. Great poem!
3/27/2004 c1 13Anna-Elaine Castleman
I don't think it's strange. I think it's kinda cool. You raise a good point. Never and Forever really do have a lot of similarities in that they both last eternally, but yet their connotations are so different. Unique topic. Very good.

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