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1/29/2013 c25 Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf
12/31/2012 c25 Avide
Not bad!
I like Matt, Tom and Eddie a lot.
12/19/2012 c25 1Me102
Um this story was stinking fabulous. It should legit be published. I'm definitely favoriting! 3
11/22/2012 c25 HeadOverHeelsInHate
Awww! Really awesome! So freaking cute!
The one thing that annoyed me was your author's notes though. They were sooo long. Some were just as long as the actual chapter and it took quite a bit to scroll down through them.
I loved this story! Über awesome!
9/23/2012 c1 3fellintothemoon
Hey, babe! It's Melissa from ADoR. We've recently been rewriting old reviews and I was in charge of rewriting All Work and No Play's. Here's your rewrite:

Melissa Thinks: As the youngest child in my family, I can certainly understand the feeling of being overshadowed by an older sibling. Blair has always been compared to her older, overachieving sister. The fact that they hate each other doesn’t exactly help their relationship. Enter Matt: Blair’s brother Tom’s best friend and perhaps the only person who see’s Blair as her own person and not Leah’s little sister. The only problem? They absolutely hate each other. Needless to say, neither of them are happy when Blair's failing grades leads to her father hiring Matt as her tutor.

This story brings together two of the most popular, one being my favorite, clichés: Hate/Love and Girl and Best Friend. It takes the best of both of these writing stereotypes and mixes them together into one big pile of awesome. There’s a natural progression to Matt and Blair’s relationship and it never gets to a point where you’re dreading over the top fluff. I liked the unique qualities that the author brought to her characters: Blair's childishness, Matt's more maturity, and Tom's health food craze, which all work together to make the story different from others in the genre. The problems with her friends, mysterious back story with her sister, and the biting relationship with Matt give All Work and No Play that special little something that makes it a very memorable addition to the Hate/Love category.
7/29/2012 c25 2loveofallthatisawesome
I'm so sorry I just couldn't bring myself to care for these characters. Even with Matt, Tom, and Eddie I tried so hard to like them and I just couldn't.

Eddie seemed like such a generic gay guy. Tom's obsession with fruits was cute at first, but then it got really annoying and he soon became just a stupid character. And Matt was cool at the beginning, but then he was just there at the end, and I found him falling in love with Pippa unbelievable.

I also felt the issue with Leah was unresolved and dealt with badly. It had a lot of focus on it and then she just goes to the police and everything is solved? I think you could've elaborated more on that. Then you didn't even touch the issue with Leslie and her past anymore, especially since I thought it was going to play a huge part in her relationship/friendship with Matt, but nope, nothing. I also don't know how Pippa rose so high in social status - I honestly don't. I just see nothing in her personality that could make her be the 'queen bee' or whatever.

Well, by the end of the story I found myself skimming over the paragraphs just to be done with it. Oh, and don't forget the fact that you pretty much covered half of every chapter with review replies. Seriously, you should only do that with anonymous reviews, because otherwise it gets annoying.

Don't take this as a flame, because it's not, I'm just giving you constructive criticism.
7/29/2012 c17 loveofallthatisawesome
You need to stop with the fucking review replies! It has literally taken up 3/5ths of the chapter by now and that is not acceptable. Chapters are for the story, that's why they made private messaging.
7/10/2012 c25 1MissKukyMonster
Wow, awesome story! I really enjoyed the characters and how Pippa thought, cause a lot of the times I think like her XD though I am confused about the end and how she did on the exams, I'm assuming she did great, but since I'm from America, I'm still a little unclear about what that means... Though I'm not expecting you to answer this since the story ended such a long time ago, but it was such a great story, and I really liked all of the more detailed info on the English school system, cause it interests me :) anyways...thanks for sharing cause I really enjoyed it !
6/10/2012 c25 vampireprincess003
That was really good. I HATE LEAH SOOOOO MUCH UGH LIKE I WISH SHE DIED FOR WAT SHE DID TO BLAIR anyway... Mats awsome oh and what ever happened to his cousin hmm they find out abou that?
5/6/2012 c25 FuelledByTea
Just to add to your 1000s of reviews, I thought I'd add another one to congratulate you on this awesome story :D
4/12/2012 c25 Kalilah
Finally done!

Loved reading about Pippa and Matt. They just coordinate so well together xD

Though it felt like Pippa was always getting in and out of hospital for one reason or other. It also felt like Leah and her father dropped off the face of the Earth at the end of the story but I'm not too worried about them.

Anyway yeah, this was definitely a fun read. Thanks xD (I'm too tired to write coherently.)
4/12/2012 c6 Kalilah
My mistake. I obviously need to find out more about Leslie and Blair's relationship.
4/12/2012 c5 Kalilah
Leslie's on drugs right? Are they medical or dangerous ones? ...I hope Blair isn't actually mistaken about Leslie.
4/12/2012 c4 Kalilah
Leah didn't actually abuse her own little sister, did she? Blair seemed strangely afraid of Matt's fist/loud voice. Well I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Anyway back I go to zoom through this story xD Liking the writing style so far. I'm also definitely interested to find more about Blair.
4/10/2012 c25 Hi
I started reading this story when it first began and I loved it. Of course, I was in junior high/ highschool at the time. I decided to reread it now and guess what ... I still love it. The one thing I want to say is that it's amazing you were writing that well when you were 14, and the improvements and changes that you can see in your writing are amazing. This is a story that I would love to see as a book. It really is. It isn't your normal love story, abuse story or brothers best friend and tutor story. It's just so unique.
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