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for First Amendment Forgotten?

1/13/2005 c1 RyuTheMagi
its a shame...i know what you mean. 'paganism' is very vauge...there are so many kinds of pagan religions. But to most people, there all the same.

It really is sad.
8/24/2004 c1 4John Stein PhD
At my school, theres a gay rights club, run by kids who are principally atheist. They are allowed to exist.
Then, a group wanted to start a Christian club, and were denied. Another group wanted a Jewish culture club, but were denied.
So, while the government, in this case, is not respecting an establishment of religion, it is prohibiting the exercise of it.
Over the past few years in our government, being atheist means ur beliefs are given a higher regard than everyone else. Fair?
7/19/2004 c1 49greenbanana
my school has a christian club too. I wanted to make a Satan club with my friends (just to scare them, not bc we're satan people) but we live in a christian area so we'd probably get burned at the stake
6/9/2004 c1 49L. S. Lynn
I go to a Catholic school but I am more of a free spirit. With that said I can tell you that Christians do have a tendency to be stuck up. I completely agree with what you wrote. People who are serious Catholics believe if you're gay, lesbian, have sex out of marriage,marry someone of the same sex, use contraceptives in or out of marriage, get an abortion, are pro-choice, for the death penalty, remove someone’s feeding tube, and eat more then you need to, you are the devil and are going to hell. Well not exactly that but if I said I were pro-choice in the middle of religion class I would definitely fail religion for that year and get preached to any time that conversation came up again.
A while back a public school in my area put up a stone tablet with Ten Commandments on it. The whole time they were up there was this huge argument about freedom of speech and separation between church and state. Now I am a big advocate for freedom of speech. I use it everyday. And while this was going on I was sitting back thinking, “Okay while the Jewish and Christian people of that school get religious representation, what about the kids who are Muslim?” So I thought why not put up experts from the Koran in that school? But all the people in my school who are really religious were like, “No they need more of God’s teaching. If God were there, there would be no shootings.” which I completely disagree with.
In the end you believe what you believe because you have that right. But there is no need to shove it down other people’s throats. So great work! I loved it! Keep it up!
6/4/2004 c1 Delete Name
I find it funny how you, as a non-Christian, feel suppressed when, from what I've seen, it's the Christians that are.
Coming from Texas, where the majority is Conservative Christians, athiest and Agnostics are allowed to do whatever they please.
Christian history is rewritten into Politically Correct history.
Christians are not allowed to have manger's set up near Christmas Time in or near a school yard, and they get in trouble for handing out invatations (my brain is sleepy right now, so I think that's misspelled) if the birthday party is in a church.
And, usually, the kids that will chant, and oppress, that call themselves Christians are the same types of kids that throw rocks and burn crosses and call themselves Athiests.
Immature jerks.
Because God says to Love Thy Neighbor.
Anyways, I agree with your essay, but I'm not sure I agree, obviously, with the way you targeted Christians.
And I know you said that you weren't pointing a finger at anyone, and I believe you, you just focused on them and not, for instance, the little boy I knew that raped a girl just because she wore a cross to school.
So 10/10, and I don't want to leave with you thinking that I was judging you, just telling other people who read the reviews that Christians are not the only people who do those things. In fact, anybody that does do those things and calls themselves Christians should be ashamed.
6/2/2004 c1 48Lorna 'Alia Bright Child' Hale
Wow. This is really well-written, and I agree with it one hundred percent. The same sort of thing goes on at my school, and being Wiccan, it bugs me. At my school, there's a "Fellowship of Christian Athletes". They even talk about it in the announcements. Something I tink is TOTALLY UNFAIR! They have no groups for members of other faiths, only Christians. My french teacher once said while we were comparing Algeria to America, that we're all Christians! I felt extremely hurt, and it was also a bad thing for her to say. Right behind me sat a Hindu, and across from me, a Jew. Sure, there are only four of us in the class who are of different religions from Christianity, but she still had no right to say that, and after she did, she corrected herself and said that we were all "Christians, Jews, and Hindus". We're not. She also had a question about the Bible on a test once!
I'm rambling, but I have one more point. In my school, we learn about Christianity, and how events in history relate to the Bible. We've learned about Hinduism, and Judaism, but never Paganism. We've learned about tons of religions. (Briefly, though we've learned about Christianity a lot.) But we've NEVER learned about Paganism. Only the World Cultures teacher has even touched on it.
Okay, enough of my rambling. I agree with your essay 100% and more!
5/24/2004 c1 Aleara Conlin
I completely agree with this-everything at my school is Christian based. No one even takes a chance to think about minorities and the prejudice against them.
4/18/2004 c1 14Anarchy-in-america
I live in the Bible belt in NY. I seriously got in trouble for writing Satan Is Our Pal on my hand. I'm not a Satanist,but that doesn't even come close to being the point. I'm atheist and I dyed my hair black. Last year I was Pagan and I got in troble for making pentecals on my hand. It's complete BULLSHIT.
3/29/2004 c1 Dark Child
Oh sweet goddess, this is so true. I'm so glad your wrote about this! Because I'm Wiccan, this one kid once called me a witch and I said 'so what if I am?' and then they started whispering and saying 'you think you're a witch. Ahh, you're going to turn me into a frog! Pour water on her to see if she melts!'. And then I said that Wicca wasn't like that and then they started avoiding me. Do you think I should just keep a low profile and hide the fact that I'm Wiccan or proudly say that I am Wiccan (please answer this in a neomail or something! ^_^)
And this really doesn't have much to do with religion, but I like Marilyn Manson and I was talking about him to some of my friends and then this one girl said 'you like Marilyn Manson? Don't you know he's a devil worshipper?' and I said that he wasn't and he was just anti-christ and then she said 'Whatever. He's, like, the devil's son or something.' and another boy put in 'no way, woman, he's totally THE devil!'. God, people are so stupid.
And then on our school website they have like one ad on each page and once I was surfing the site and these religious ads came up! It was so weird!
And now, kids call me 'that creepy gothic devil-worshipper.' It never fails to drive me insane!
*sigh* Ok, I'm done with my rant. Good essay, keep writing! :)
3/29/2004 c1 10mute-demon81
This is an excellant essay. Well written, as well as worded. I appreciate the views you express, even more so the tolerance you show for the christens *mutters and curses* Its hard to find likeing for quite a few of them because of their distaste for those who aren't 'in love' with 'the savior'. But again, as you said ''nothing against the christens''. I respect this essay, and you the one who wrote it. I hope others can share the same views that you do. ANYONE WHO FLAMES THIS SHOULD BE...be...uhm...they should...*thinks for a minute* BLAH ON THEM! ^_^ keep up the good work!
3/29/2004 c1 1J. W. Meisinger
A Christian Club exists because there are Christians there to run it. If all the Jews in a school want to form a Jewish club, they are allowed. If all the Muslims want to form an Islam club, they are allowed. Unless your administration has forbade other groups from forming, there is no reason for anger.
3/29/2004 c1 6Black and Silver Dreamer
This happened at my school earlier this year. Me and a few of my friends wrote a letter to the officals of the school, and while they didn't meet us directly, they did start a 'diversity' club, which deals with mainly race, which is a good thing since I live in a very racist state.
It's hard being a minority because when religious debates come up, I usually have to stay quiet, the one time I was open with my religion I was accused of being in a cult, so now I keep quiet.
Anyways, this is very well written with no bashing of any one religion.
3/29/2004 c1 1Formerly
Reading this sort of thing always makes me sad. Not because it's so bad, though I suppose it is, but because I'd dearly love for someone to try to convert me in person. I'd like to see how the "Lolz U stuped bastird U wil go to HEL" translates to spoken English.
3/29/2004 c1 95unjaundiced
i think i'm with you on that one. people are rather cruel to others, especially if they see things differently. for a 'free nation', we sure have a lot of christian inflections. there's too much of a stigma attached to "unknown" or less socially accepted topics. tolerance all the way. people should stop trying to convert others if the other person's already happy.
Is this supposed to be a formal essay? Some of the parts seem a little conversational, a little informal. "our" school in paragraph 6 is capitalized. did you mean to do that?

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