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6/12/2005 c2 books4me

Great story.

I really like Grace and Catherine (but Pam less so).

I think this could turn into a great book.

Good luck!

* Books4mE *
1/6/2005 c2 4fazzingaway
hey there! that was some good stuff! i really enjoyed it :D just some comments, i think you can really take Grace's character to a slightly deeper level if we get a bit more of a insight to her character. i mean, it was great that you showed us that she had an insecurity with her supermodel friend around (and believe, i can totally relate... :S) but i think if you can build on that a little more or something.otherwise, your scene transitions were very smooth and didn't feel abrupt so well done there :D nice dialogue and descriptions too :D keep up the fab work!
11/28/2004 c2 4Your Anti-Drug
Wow, umm..amazing. Please write more. I will just freak out if you don't.
11/28/2004 c1 Your Anti-Drug
Nice...wicked nice...I'm totally digging the story. AWESOME :)
5/22/2004 c2 natmarie
Hey hun,
So completely and utterly sorry that it has take me so incredibly long to review this chapter. I have been so busy with school ending here in a month and in entering college in a year. The horrors of highschool have taken their toll. Anyways, enough about me.
Have I mentioned to you how perfect this title is for the story? Probably not because I'm slow and didn't get hte whole playing lives, playing musical intruments connection because I'm slow like that. Hehe. This chapter is really really good, Gabe's band mates crack me up. Not to mention that Gabe himself sounds uber-cute when he is singing and playing to his fans...aw...reminds me of John Mayer. And 'Let That be Enough' by Switchfoot is like the bestest song, mhmm..sorry if I am rambling, too much sugar for me.
Time for minor cunstructive crisism. You switch tenses some times, go from present to past etc. I do the same thing way too often, just thought I would mention it. And sometimes your descriptions are a little repetative. That aside this is an AWESOME story.I can't wait to see where you take this next. I will work on updating my stuff ASAP, just been super busy, but summer is coming soon, so hopefully all that will change.
5/20/2004 c2 8Hotkitty
Cool chappie this sounds like a pretty gud fic UPDATE SOON!
5/20/2004 c1 Hotkitty
lolz interesting...thx 4 reviewing me ill go on2 the next chappie now
3/31/2004 c1 mauvais ide
HURRY AND UPDATE 'cause it's really good! Please?
3/30/2004 c1 DancingButterfly
u made me soo mad when u ended the chapter..u got me beggin 4 me keep going!
3/30/2004 c1 natmarie
Hey hun, you started another new story, hehe. And this one sounds AMAZING. I think your style on this one is better than some of your others too. It sounds very professional. Can't wait to see where you take this it's going on my faves.
3/29/2004 c1 2kalisong
I love this story, keep writing it.
3/29/2004 c1 4aries trash
Hey! I really like your story. It was great! Can't wait until you write more! I would write more in this review, but my computer is going crazy! So I'll leave at that, for now!

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