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for Waking Up in Two Places

6/30/2006 c1 2RingoLaLa
Lol, did you have to do this poem for GCSE? Anyway, good work so far, keep it up.
5/18/2005 c2 8Leah West
Boy, I can relate. Can I ever...I get up at 4:45 a.m. to go to a class. And I love those Saturdays where I can just lay and read a good book under my down comforter.

Lovely storiy. I love the contrast of the two chapters.
5/6/2005 c1 anghel
nice... but too short. i was wondering what happened next.


kimi anghel
7/17/2004 c2 David Stephen
This is so beautiful and true. Amazing. I agree with what we have discussed about ourselves sharing Twinhood.
Your long lost twin...David x
6/18/2004 c1 9Celeste Se'oir
Hmm... sounds familiar... like this morning when i serously didn't want to get up and go to school (even though It's the last day) and take my stupid exam.
6/7/2004 c2 7J. Wilder
I like this. It's cool.
5/14/2004 c2 64chicanerysmile
God, how do you do this? You just seem to take life, and write it down, and make it... I don't know. I'm jealous. B.
4/10/2004 c2 34marabelle
great description to this, i feel a connection to the main character, continue writing. i will read and review "memories" when i have time to sit down and enjoy it.
4/9/2004 c2 freedman121
I would say that was good, but I'm still super confused. Maybe if you made them into one chapter? I dunno...
4/3/2004 c2 34lil-popcorngurl
where's the rest of your story! :'( I wanna read more!
I don't really get what's going on aside from the whole waking up thng. i think you should change your summary because i don't think many people have heard of the poem it's based on. thx for reading my work

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