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for Passing Steps

4/19/2004 c1 39SoleilFairconoture
Hello my fellow daughter of the sun. Let me guess, this is written from the point of view of a stray dog? Either way it is very well written and quite insightful for someone of your age
4/13/2004 c1 12carib-passion
love it love it! so good
4/13/2004 c1 8the heart's pawn-shop
good mouse.
What an interesting perspective to tell a story from. A poem though- It was shall I say a really big stretch for me... I don't want to flame out on you in anyway, but- I really felt that It had flow issues and arrangement problems. Nice descriptions! You obviously have a big passion for writing! Keep going with the poetry thing.
4/9/2004 c1 150SpawnMeister666
It's an interesting concept, writing from the perspective of a cockroach.
Or is it a rat?
Anyway, it's a good poem. I like it very muchness.

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