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for Nothing Left

6/5/2004 c1 22Non-existent Puritanism
u're flow was odd in some places...but the idea was clear and a nice theme...not bad...
4/1/2004 c1 18Master Mind4
Pretty good, I know what you mean.
4/1/2004 c1 40twisted little secret
Simple but poignant, the last two lines really stand out and sum up the poem beautifully.
4/1/2004 c1 22Blissfully Unaware
Reminds me so much of the Elves in the Lord of the Rings book. However, it does have a sort of hand-to-mouth feeling, but the rhythmn is pretty good.
4/1/2004 c1 15Jyynx
i know how u feel hun, i especially like the line:
There is nothing left to change my mind
:) i feel this way everyday:)
nice one, shorty :)

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