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5/12/2004 c1 5graciestars321
^-^! Cool stuff. I didn't follow you specifically on all of it, so drew my own conclusions on what everything meant, but that's the beauty of writing: everyone's eyes are different. I like the line, 'there is so much flying high in these blue skies' I think it paints a very serene picture of all the things life can bring you; when I read it I envisioned a very bright blue sky with whispy clouds and carefree thoughts. Then, 'yet so much darkness that will soon turn its ugly head over the moons glow' paints a contrasting picture to blue skies. When I read it, it made me think of a dark creature slowly shifting through the black sky, with dark clouds and no stars, to creep upon the moon and hide it's light. You have painted a very pretty picture even throughout the darkness of it. I enjoyed this because to me, it was kind of about finding your place in life and where you stand, and thinking if you should take a chance and step out after something you want, or are too afraid to because of what holds you back or what is outside beyond the front door. Anyway...good job. ^-^ -Meka

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