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for Betrayal

4/9/2004 c1 1LonelyKid
yo dude! this rox i didn't kno that u could write liek this! thatz crzy! lil ash thatz always laughin at me an callin me names is a poet atheart...well i hope u post more an tell ur sis to post more too ok? well much love ttyl
4/3/2004 c1 2Miragaze
I can SO realte to this poem. The pains of betrayal and lies are shown in this one poem...
4/3/2004 c1 53lizard-fuel
Another great poem. I cant say I've ever been betrayed by a friend, or anyone. This poem's really good.
4/2/2004 c1 64freeyourself
Thats a really awesome poem, good job
4/2/2004 c1 3BlueDragon11
Wow, I can totally feel the emotion. Of course, if someone betrayed me, I'd hate them forever. The ending was quite unexpected and that's what made it great.

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