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for When the Blind Man See's the Clearest

9/2/2004 c1 23Queen Maab
This is GREAT!
The story is really really good and im not just saying that. (sorry about the punctuation and bad spelling im typing with one hand at the moment)
It travels fast the plot and you can connect with the characters.
Caelum is an execellent character.. DOn't you wish that jsut somtimes that your characters could be real i have a real love interest with my characters.
Sorry getting of the plot.
Great story good dialect good concept execellent characters. the only bad thing about your story is that there isn't more.
(sorry Traditional Aussie temper Tantrum coming through)
Uh.. yeah to finish in a really really lame way. thanks for reviewing my story ive got a new one out too if your interested in reading it.
Queen Maab
8/11/2004 c1 124Broken Waiting Angel
that was so cold haertedly what they did to her! *fails arms anime style* i can't wait 'til u continue this! will she and the blind guy meet? awe come on and update! lol
4/7/2004 c1 8Ducky 06
there mean. that is good. i love storys with, like violance. my story has violance its fun to write. if u want to see it its "the attack" but urs was aswome hurry up and get the next chapter.

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