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5/15/2004 c8 Willow Fern
Poor Matt ;_;
5/15/2004 c8 AuroraBorealis7
MORE MORE MORE! This was one of the best chapters I think, especially because of the conversation between Mrs. Harris and Matt. Great spar.
5/15/2004 c8 Lemonhead754
yay another chapter...i was getting worried. well...update soon
5/15/2004 c8 Scorpio
Aw. That was sweet! LOL! I just want to read on and on! I can't wait to find out what hapens next! lol! Anyways, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
5/15/2004 c8 Jiro
Congratulations! Wow. My life is extremely boring compared to yours. That's awesome! Great chapter. I can't believe you managed to squeeze it in, considering everything else. As always, it was wonderfully writen. And I absolutely *LOVE* Becca's mom. Thanks for posting! Good lucjk with the move and congratulations about the baby ^_^
5/14/2004 c8 ghenne04
Wow.. Very interesting chapter! Not much action, but still a lot of information. I like it - nice job! Keep writing and update soon!
5/6/2004 c7 GinaO
Yay! Thanks for the new chapter. I'm loving it!
5/3/2004 c7 Lacy
I am so in love with this story! I don't know who I want to get together more: Becca and Paul, or Becca and Matt? rawrr Update soon! =)
5/3/2004 c7 6Dyslexic-Trin
YEAH! Please continue! It was wonderful. I can't wait to read more!
5/3/2004 c7 2ThePerfectUgly
Aw...loving it. You've got such a knack for writing I tell you. Both of your stories are wonderful and enjoyable to read. I can't wait to read more of this story. (Has a wee thing for this Matt character lol).
5/3/2004 c7 JiR0
/Now, after going through the full spectrum of emotions a woman could possibly feel for just one man, he defied classification. Matt just was.
Great line! I loved it!
Aw. Poor Matt! He's such a jackas... but he's a confused, sorta sweet jackass. I really want to know if he understands that he basically ditched Becca when he went off to college. Does he see it like that? Was there a reason for it? Or is he just...well, a jackass? Haha.
Anyway, great chapter! Update soon!
5/2/2004 c7 MusicalMooky
Awesome! The action I've been waiting for is finally beginning! I can't wait to find out how Becca and Matt will react to each other in the morning. Matt must have been drunk enough to admit feelings that he probably had no idea he had until just recently. Paul is a nice guy, so I hope he finds someone nice, although that someone shouldn't be Becca. Pretty please?
I think Becca and Matt should be together because they know and understand each other best. I also think there wasn't an initial attraction between Becca and Paul. It's not really a lasting relationship. They also don't have that many things in common. Paul was just the first guy that Becca has dated in a long time. Anyway, I love this story and I'm so happy that the updates have been pretty frequent. I love it. Please continue this story. Even if Paul and Becca end up together I won't really mind that much because you write so well and so convincingly. Later...
5/2/2004 c6 MusicalMooky
About time Matt finally clues in. I wonder if anything interesting might happen by the time Becca gets back from saying good-bye to Paul. Matt just might say some things he will regret when he is sober. Until next time.
5/2/2004 c5 MusicalMooky
Woah! I forgot to review this chapter. I like Paul but I still like Matt better. I'm glad you included Paul. This might be the push Matt needs to discover his more than platonic feelings for Becca.
5/2/2004 c7 ghenne04
Ahh! I feel so bad for Matt! I know I should probably feel bad for Becca, but for some reason, I like Matt a whole lot more. Oh well. Anyway.. Nice job! Keep writing and update soon!
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