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for Shades of Earth and Water

4/7/2004 c1 28Kellza
Well, the second one is my favorite. Let's see. Your venture into a new style has been successful here. I would never think of a moth that way, and I like your description of the leaf "breathing."
Remember mine and my brother's haikus? ;)
4/4/2004 c1 138Lina Inverse
I love the image in the first one... I like comparing the moth to a gypsy dancer... and mentioning the delicate tiny wings of silk... I don't know the first thing about moths, but I can imagine this moth ^_^
In the second haiku, I like the description of "slick black stones." Very beautiful... Very serene... You make me want to see an unspoiled river now. (I used to live by the Mississipi, which isn't exactly unspoiled... Plus, it doesn't have waterfalls.)
In the third, the second line is best... I like the personification.
4/4/2004 c1 KJKofsuske
You really picked your words well; the images are very vibrant. This is one of the many benefits of GOOD Haiku. Yay for Dendera achieving said good-ness

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