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6/4/2004 c25 13Soulless Wanderer
Aye..tis ended...the interesting was alright...durr...
I'll be waiting for the sequel...bleh..tired...
6/4/2004 c24 Soulless Wanderer
Durr. Not sad because we already know about the sequel..um..*shifty eyes*
Aye...this chapter was pretty interesting, considering it does give some insights to why all these events are occuring...durr...
6/4/2004 c23 Soulless Wanderer
Bleh...been so busy with tests and crap lately...
Aye, short chapter...moving on...
(Bleh, sorry it's not much of a review, too tired to think up something to write. Haven't gotten any sleep for a while..)
6/3/2004 c25 startsapart
Weird...I never actually reviewed the chapters in between, and here I am, reviewing the last chapter.
It's a great ending. Oh yeah, just one thing, it's not a DISCLAIMER, since it's your writing...
Off to read the sequel!
6/3/2004 c1 startsapart
This is a very nice piece of writing. I like your narration, and your dialogue is realistic enough for real life. Good job.
6/2/2004 c25 13Kali Akotor
* Tears...* What a happy and suspencful ending...I really cant wait to read the sequal... It better be at good as the first one! ^_^
6/2/2004 c25 8gossamerdragon
It was a great story, and I'm off to read the sequel after this! ^^ Keep up the good work! I sound like a teacher saying that...I'll continue to read your stories cause their great, sorry if I don't review every chpater, I always get confused what i've reviewed and whatI haven't! anyways, it was a great story!
6/2/2004 c25 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
No, no, no, no! It's over and not for once did I write a review with sense!
*shaking with overwhelming emotion and unmindful of the word 'sequel' down at the notes*
WAH! I'm so sad! ...wait, SEQUEL? OMG! I'm off cuz I'm gonna read that quick!
*gets pulled back by Tomorrow, Rapier, Xiou, and Naru; they all shout* GIVE HER A NICE REVIEW, NOW!
Me: ...um... *looks up at all the swordsmen(er, woman) surrounding her; gulps* Erm, okay...
1) You have great narration style. I liked it very much. It's very expressive of Tomorrow's feelings. It's good! ^_^
2) The characters are both realistic and anime-like (they sometimes switch from one to the other). The way they're described is great! Hohohoho! They're all very cool! ^o^
3) The story itself is great, and I find it a very good read and unique in its own right. . Of course, that part about the blinding flash and the going blind and all (er) sounded something like a scene from Rurouni Kenshin (read: Shogo Amakusa). But, eh, it didn't matter much. It was cool, anyway. ^_^
4) Overall, I liked it. No, LOVED it. It's really great! You're a great writer, yep. I'm a bit envious...
5) Can you guys let go of me now? I'm done with the review!
*Tomorrow, Rapier, Xiou, Naru let go*
Thank you! Now, I'm off to read the sequel! WEE! *runs off*
6/2/2004 c25 Xerro
Of course we're all going to be reading and reviewing Tomorrow's Decision, we all just have to know what happens now.
The categories for men you talked about seem to be right, although i think you missed one out, there is one that thinks, thinks some more, and then just continues to thinks about all the possiblities, and passes up any opportunities that might present themselves.
Anyway i'm looking forward to the sequel i won't stop reading your story, I just need to know what happens.
6/2/2004 c25 5Natty Kat
^^ I'm a bit late for this! ^^; But I really loved the story! v.v i liked it so much, I drew your characters...XD
6/1/2004 c25 13Daughter-of-Louis
My god I love this story. I can't wait till the sequel...*sniffle* it's so sad. I hope you can get the sequel up soon and I hope you work on your online comic...that would be awesome! You should make a site deticated to it. I'm thinking of doing that with my story, just not sure when. I'm kinda slow on chapter 12 but its getting there..=P Its so sad its over but I can't wait til the sequel..great job!
5/31/2004 c24 13Kali Akotor
Now its not tha depressing anymore. ^_^ ! I really cant wait to find out what will happen,.. i think I wont make ny assumptions... the last time it did that i ended up having to rewrite all my stories...Heh * neurvous laughter* Better get on to finishing my story and I wanna know ... soon anyway ... what will happen in Tokyo! ^_^
- Kali
5/31/2004 c24 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
...Why the drama in the ending chapters...? *sniff*
*reads last notes*reacts violently*CRASH!*
Just thinking about the upcoming 'last chapter' makes me feel sad already...
I'll miss 'em...
So don't end it yet!
*huggles Rapier* Poor Rapier...
Oh, yeah, and in case you're going to really finish it immediately...May I ask...
May I own Rapier now? *brings out handcuffs* LOL
5/29/2004 c24 4Seashah
What do you mean "the next chapter is the last"? There's a sequel you said? I sure hope I remember rightly. It can't end this soon after my starting to read it! Meh.
Anyway, good chapter. I can guess how Rapier feels. I just wish Tomorrow was a little more determined, but allas, she isn't. So I'll OF COURSE be waiting for me.
5/29/2004 c24 13Daughter-of-Louis
NO! IT can't be your last chapter..*sniffles* it is indeed very sad..thats why you have to make it into a web comic so we still have something to hold on to! haha I love this story tho, its really good I'll be sad to see it go..I can't believe he's blind..and that she has other family members...wow..it just can't end, *sniff* =( any sequel?
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