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5/29/2004 c24 Xerro
Only one more chapter left. *sniff* Well i've still got the next story to look forward too. I CAN'T WAIT. *starts running in circles* CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT WAH! Please upload the next chapter soon. Pretty please.
5/28/2004 c22 13Daughter-of-Louis
No! thats so sad..*sniffles* I'm practically teary. No thats so sad...but so well written...not a lot of things make me teary, espeically written stuff. Good job ^_T you really should make a web comic that would be so freakin awesome! I realy think you should! and thank you so much for the review ^^ I appreciate it VERY much.
5/26/2004 c22 13Kali Akotor
Yes do the online comic!Please! * jumps up and down though her tears* Please do it!
5/26/2004 c22 Tenille
:'(NO Rapier... #glomps Rapier*... YOU MUST HAVE A MANGA!
5/25/2004 c22 13Soulless Wanderer
Durr...Rapier's blind now? Tsk, tsk. But I becha anything he'll see again. XP
5/25/2004 c22 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
WHA? BLIND? *sniffle* Poor Rapier... you can't do that! ...that's...so SAD! WAH! *jumps on Rapier and hugs him really tight* WAH! There must be something you could do! You're the author! DO SOMETHING! DON'T LEAVE HIM BLIND! I WUV HIM! *Rapier chokes and passes out* WAH! I KILLED HIM! DO SOMETHING!
(Er, sorry about that...I got really sad...[if you call 'that' sad] Anyway, I loved that chapter! Make more! Please? O.o;)
5/23/2004 c22 rhia
wow! this is all so good! I'm so glad i stumbeled on to your writing. Its so realistic the way you charactors react to things, its awesome, keep updating please! and the online comic sounds cool if you have the time to finish it. I'd definately read it.
5/22/2004 c22 Xerro
Rapier? RAPIER! NO! poor guy, there must be a way to get his eyes working again. I'm not going to give him a hug though... *shakes rapiers hand* unlucky dude.
And Aeleice you should do the online comic, that would be so cool. I tried to do one, but i'm really crap when it comes down to drawing. But i did find a place called w.topwebcomics.com which you can enter your comic into and you can see its overall ranking or something like that. I think its like a competition or something, i'm not sure. Anyway can't wait till the next update. And it better not be another sad ending!
5/22/2004 c22 Rae
That was so sad! Ah, I'm crying right now! Poor Rapier! *Gives Rapier a big hug* That's so freakin' sad. Kill Shenuyu!
You did a good job with Rapier's reaction too. Poor thing is in shock.
And the webcomic thing sounds cool. It would be a lot of work though (from what other webcomic artists say...)
Anyway, please continue to update!
5/21/2004 c22 4Seashah
*hugs Rapier and cries* There could be worse. BUT STILL! I'm not sure I could do that to one of my characters. Okay, I could. BUT STILL! Okay, it's not that bad. BUT STILL! *paces around anxiously* What am I supposed to say? Good job, he's blind? No, that would be cruel. I feel so sorry for him! No, that would be lying. I don't feel sorry for him, there could be MUCH worse things. I don't know what to say about it. Except for I need it to continue, or I'll cry some more. I swear I've cried more tonight (reading your fanfic collection and this one) then I have in...okay, since I wrote the night before last. But that's still a whole lot of crying!
Now don't apollogize, please don't. I do when people say they cried at my work. I've been told it's a good thing, and have come to believe that it is. It means your making people feel through your writing!
Now I will again be waiting patiently and anxiously for the next update.
(Oh, and the comic thingie, sounds good)
5/21/2004 c21 91TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...heh...that chapter seemed short...yet so long...blah...kool chapter...
5/20/2004 c21 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
Cool! ^_^ I have nuthin' else to say except this - GO UPDATE AGAIN! ^_^ Thank you!
5/19/2004 c21 11Rachel4487
I am really liking your story so far! I can't wait till you update because it's a lot of fun to read! Tomorrow is so funny. Heheheheh. I like Naru too. So yeah, great job!
5/18/2004 c21 4Seashah
Okay. You kept me up till 2:30 in the morning reading. You made me cry, laugh, sigh, and yell. And yet it's NOT OVER! I swear! 4 hours of reading this story and it's not over!
I loved it! Noticed very few mistakes, and even those were EXTREMELY minor. It's so well writen, and the movements of the characters are so natural. The romance touched me to my core (which only one other writer has ever done), the humor was so pure, and the fighting and action so enthralling! Would I be up this late and staying up later to read more if it wasn't INCREDIBLE! (And everyone hates me for being overcritical)
I'll be waiting for more. TRUST ME. I'll be waiting.
5/17/2004 c21 13Soulless Wanderer
Durr. The title of the chapter was a dead giveaway. XP I knew that Li's gonna come back. Lol. Update son. XP
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