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for Yesterday's Mistakes

5/8/2004 c19 Xerro
It's the overly hysterical crying that was portrayed as the anime scene, and the way everyone reacted, wasn't it? I can't seem to write those sort of things into my stories but then they never seem to fit my style of writing. Anyway cool chapter even if you have left us waiting for a fight until people review charons story and your other story. Thing is though i felt that it was pretty obvious Yesterday's hands were going to get healed somehow. Anyway i'll be waiting for you to update since i do review charon's story and i do review one of your other stories.
5/7/2004 c18 sumiru
...After reading this story I am officially addicted to Original Manga stories. XD Your story is VERY interesting...and very sweet.
5/6/2004 c18 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
Cool chapter, dude. Yeah. That's all I'm gonna say...Oh, and this too, I guess... GO GO GO! HURRY! CONTINUE! ^^ Yeah. Peace, man. Word~!
5/5/2004 c18 91TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...i like your story!...its kool and awesome as always...this chapter was alright... HAVE MORE ACTION IN IT!...come to think of it... i want a therapist...a KOOL therapist...
5/5/2004 c18 13Soulless Wanderer
Rapier getting his hair pulled by Naru was amusing. =]
5/4/2004 c18 13Daughter-of-Louis
Yay! I really like this chapter a lot! continue! this story is amazing...update as son as humanly possible! =)
5/4/2004 c18 8gossamerdragon
Hey, I liked that chapter, sorta confused what her hair looks like now @_@
but good chapter... wonder how naru and xiou are going to find out... lol
5/3/2004 c18 Xerro
Filler chapters, they're always important. They make sure the story lasts longer, and they're usually a good way of testing the author to see whether they can keep their audience's attention. You do it well enough. Anyway update soon.
5/2/2004 c17 91TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...muhahahahahahaha...good chapter... CONTINUE AS ALWAYS!...
5/2/2004 c17 13Soulless Wanderer
He asks her before he kisses her? What type of bloody relationship did they have anyway! Lol. Sorry, I just had to point that out. It was so damn funny.
Anyways, keep writing. =]
5/1/2004 c17 Xerro
WOOHOO, A SEQUEL, A SEQUEL, YAY! good chapter BTW. (if you're wondering why the review is so short it's becos i've only had 2 and a half hours sleep. So i'm a little tired. Update soon.
5/1/2004 c17 8gossamerdragon
Aww that was so cute! ^^, so is this the end of this story or near it, I'm really confused '~' ...
4/30/2004 c17 11Never Knows Best
Is that theif guy gonna come back? I like him. The chapter was sweet ^^!
4/30/2004 c16 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
Anyway, it was an overly sweet chapter. But that doesn't mean I don't like though! ^-^ How about the nezt chapter now? And...um...what's with Rapier going mad about his name 'Mikoto'?
4/27/2004 c3 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
Cool. I like it so far. Its itneresting and cool characters.
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