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4/26/2004 c16 91TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...wow...i cant believe the long chapter only took place in one scene...thats weird... it was a good chapter...but it was...just plain weird... yea...DAMN YOU FOR BEING ABLE TO MAKE CHAPTERS FOR SO LONG! ARGH!
*shakes fist
4/26/2004 c16 13Soulless Wanderer
Lol. One condition changed into five conditions. I don't blame Rapier for not liking his name. Lol.
So should I be looking forward to a wedding soon?
4/25/2004 c16 Never Knows Best
ah! so short. But sweet anyway ^^
4/25/2004 c16 8gossamerdragon
Aww that was cute! ^_^ i'm looking forward to reading more! ^^ and Mikoto is rather good name.. or at least i think so...
4/25/2004 c15 3Charon-dragon
Sorry I haven't reviewed in forever, oh well.
It is cool, I can't wait for the wedding,
Will the rest of Rapier's family be there?
4/24/2004 c15 Averon
I like this, rapier's kinda sweet when he wants to be. What's his real name anyway? And it's NOT POSSIBLE to update to much, come on!
See ya
4/24/2004 c15 9Ms.Julia
No! Updating is good! Plz hurry and post the next chappy! I luv your story!
4/23/2004 c15 8gossamerdragon
that was so cute! yay Rapier and Tommorow are together. *grins* I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
4/23/2004 c15 91TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...MUAHAHAHAHA!...that was a good chapter... but i forgot to mention that chapter 14 was boring...eh, it was a bit too long... blah...*dies...no offense but it was just to long for me to read... but this chapter was shorter...thats kool... and the question you asked bout the movements, uh...i sort of understnad it... *shifty eyes
4/23/2004 c14 TheresA-Pickle-InMyCookieJar
...that was an interesting chapter... im guessing Rapier would ask Tomorrow to marry him...i dont know, thats just me... Rapier's the koolest... muhahahahahahah
4/23/2004 c15 13Soulless Wanderer
No offense taken. Well, actually, there is nothing wrong with updating constantly. It's just that it's better if you update once in a few days if you have the chapters written beforehand. Giving it about a week or a couple of days can allow the readers to absorb what you had in the last chapter, and it's another good way to gather reviews in between chapters.
Ahem. That's cleared. Anyhow, Tomorrow is rather slow in relationships isn't she? Tsk. Tsk. At least she realized it now.
4/23/2004 c15 Xerro
I reckon your updating at a good pace partly because you usually leave it on a cliffhangar so i always want to know what happens. Anyway i'm not sure what you were asking about body movement at the top (might be me just being dumb and not understanding) anyway as for as i see it the body movement is also a part of the language, if you don't speak of wha body movements have been made then you lose some of what the persons feeling, i hope that's what you were asking and what's more ihope it made sense, as ever update soon
4/23/2004 c15 1Ri of OnYGiRRi
Wee! Kawaii! Do more! ^_^ Please...
4/22/2004 c14 13Soulless Wanderer
O_O Wow..what's with all the updates...yeah..rather mushy gushy..but okies...Tomorrow, snap out of it!
4/22/2004 c13 Soulless Wanderer
Yay! Update! *gives chocolate chip cookies* We have an over protective Rapier here! Cheers! Pass the popcorn buddy!
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