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11/25/2006 c1 16Noir Fleurir
nice one. nice and short. i read your profile thing, i hate french too ugh evil subject!
1/4/2005 c1 125Le Rose Clair du Nuit
-huggles- Thankies for the review! ^^ I didn't think people would like it! -is so happy- Canada rocks.. -is American, but really likes Canada- -is now so happy she has a new friend- -is pushing it- I'll give you a review now!

Ahem. Very nice. The flow was almost poetic. Almost reminds me of how I used to stalk, uh, follow my friend Kyle. Oo; You didn't see that. I like the detailed description, you don't find that too often. Please keep it up!

Phoenix, the Eternal Blaze, I'd watch you burn...
4/5/2004 c1 7MD Jamison
An interesting start, i certainly hope you write more! I loved the imagery you created with this line:
I try to pour hope into your dark heart.
Beautiful image. Just so tangible. The only line that threw me off a little, and only because of word choice, i think is this one:
A look of terror momentarily face, your eyes focus and I see a red flame flicker across your eyes.
I'm not sure i understand the "momentarily face" part- i kept thinking maybe you left out I, so it'd read "a look of terror I momentarily face", which would make more sense- but I'm just an ignorant reader and don't have the foggiest clue what it was you intended to say- it's just a bit of an odd sentence. I don't know. But I'd really like to see more of this and find out what an Observer is! It's a great start!
4/5/2004 c1 22Russell Hawkins

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