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for My Last Goodbye

6/5/2004 c1 Bronwen Ackeley
Wow...i love this...it's so...wow! just amazing! it's so great im at a loss for words! very, very emotional and simply put, the best thing next to Candles Burned (which is my FAVORITE SO FAR!) anyways, please keep writing when you get the chance...it would be such a shame to loose such a wonderful poet like youself. i would literally stop coming to this site if you left, cuz it would so not be worth my time!:D Love youre stuff babe! You're amazing!
~Dark Angel
p.s. i posted an essay/bio thing right after you reviewed my stuff and i would LOVE to hear what you think. Comments from a great poet like you would be an honour! btw, thanks for reviewing my poems! l8er girl! keep up the great work!:)
4/10/2004 c1 59Unfairy
this is somewhat inspirational...
4/7/2004 c1 Rose of Darkness 666
*Applause* The emotions you put in there were just awsome!
4/6/2004 c1 1Gwuinivyre
I wrote a poem like this before, only mine was in third person, and I scared my english teacher with it. She thought i was literally going to kill myself, so he called my house each night to make sure I was still there.
Very well written,
4/6/2004 c1 5singitback
excellent. reminds me of when i was in eigth grade and was going through a real bad phase of my life.

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