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for Amends for the Dead

7/5/2012 c3 Guest
Please! I beg of you! Plese update this story! I was so into the flow of things and then when I look up, coming up from the dream world that you have weaved for me and all the other readers, I see that this is the last chapter.
That would be okay but then I see that you have not updated since 2011 and this is already 2012. I love this story and I love your writing style and I just need you to update! Anthing, even a authors note would be lovly- just let us know that you are still there and that you still care about this story and all of us readers!
Now, I'm going to go and read some of your other stories (even the ones on hiatus because they too look good). I hope to see this story have an update of somthing in the near future.

P.S. I love where you are going with this story and I can already see that this is going to be an amazingly suspenseful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. \./
9/5/2004 c3 Gilded Muse
What do I have to do to get you to update? Because I'm not killing anyone, but if we don't get another chapter soon I might have to resort to some serious methods of torturing.
this chapter just made me like Hoyt more, and at this point there isn't much you couldn't do to make me not like him. Very short and to the point. And since he doesn't like Nesei, I don't like him. *Humph!*
9/1/2004 c3 tmelange1
I'm enjoying this story so far. I'm very interested in Hoyt, and of course, with what's going on with Tyrell. Keep up the good work and post more soon.
8/3/2004 c3 9r.mai
still no sign of catboy/guy/man. =/ Interesting chapter. Tyrell gets out of the rotten lab! professor zel's kinda ... eh. but maybe ty's reading too much into it? hoyt needs to lighten up a bit methinks... dreary makes for weary! welps, hope you update soon! see ya next chapter. ^_^
8/3/2004 c3 8Edana
That's funny because I just studied Brave New World in English lit and one of the main fears of the author was the unity of all countries and the erroding away of cultural differences. I think it would be really very sad (and boring!) if that happened myself. But it's definitely happening so the part you wrote about the Italian food and the accents was a very realistic possibility, which makes the story more intriguing because it isn't based solely in the realm of fantasy, if you know what I mean ^^;
Nisei is a very interesting character from what little I've seen of him. Hoyt is also strangely intriguing although he doesn't do that much - I'm curious about his withdrawn personality and wonder what, if any, his deeper feelings are. Anyway, I wonder where you're going with this so I'll sit back now and wait patiently for more!
7/13/2004 c2 Gilded Muse
No, no. I would never yell at you. I'm just so horrible at writing reviews for things I really like. It's easier to criticize, isn't it? Or to leave a review like: This is the best thing ever! Write more! But no, I have to try and write a long review.
Anyway, I like Hoyt. I liked him the moment I meant him. Something about him just clicked with me. see, I'll be part of the Hoyt fan-club. Now with my luck he's going to end up being some evil, murderous villain. Or maybe he really will end up just being brainless. But I like him. Also, I loved the song which is saying something, because I'm not usually fond of poetry. It also brought out the enlish major in me, as I tried to tear it apart line by line to figure out what it meant.
I'm still somewhat dazed and confused but I think I'm starting to put 1 and 3 together (you couldn't be nice and just give us two 2s? No, you had to be more complicated than that.) So hurry up and write more. ^^
5/4/2004 c2 Edana
One thing I've finally realised (because I'm dense ^^;) is that you really have a talent for creating new worlds which the reader can be drawn into. They're never so far removed from reality that you can't relate to what's happening, and most importantly because the characters are all so human and realistic in now they react and interact with each other, you can still understand what they're feeling despite any differences in the worlds.
I also like how you include small pieces of information or songs (like Tyrell's mother's song) to deepen the plot and reinforce the messages of the story (reminds me of Shakespeare actually!) The song was very haunting too, almost eerie, but beautiful in its pretty-angsty way.
Hoyt also seems like an interesting new character. The interactions in this chapter were interesting - I wonder what each of these characters is going to mean to each other by the end of the story. Anyway, better go. Update soon!
4/23/2004 c2 9r.mai
yay update! it's all so mysterious and intriguing. o_O it's a conspiracy! XD welps, hope ya update soon! i'm off! =D
4/12/2004 c1 8Edana
Maybe you should be writing more of 'The Minstrel Boy' or 'Oistin,' but who's going to complain when you've started another interesting and intriguing story? Not me anyway ^^; There's something about your writing style that I really like - descriptive but not overly heavy, with information being fed bit by bit and through the characters rather than through long, rambling, introductory paragraphs like with most fanatasy/sci-fi stories (you get what I mean, right? Hope so) You're also great at creating real and interesting characters and their relationships with each other. Already I love Tyrell and am really curious about his past and his illness, and his relationship to his father and his elite family. I hope that you continue (any of your stories really) soon!
4/9/2004 c1 9r.mai
aw! ;_; poor Tyrell. *pats him on the head* who's the guy with the cat-like eyes? the dude you told me about? and darn, i was HOPING to be the first reviewer... but i was off downstairs cleaning the house for my bday party so damn... welps, hope ya update soon! cya!
4/9/2004 c1 Gilded Muse
Well, I'm sorry to say but I am slightly dazed and confused so you are just going to have to finish what you started. Yes, yes, I know you're busy but aren't we all? And you certainly can't just leave it like that. That would be a horrible thing. Especially considering how wonderful it is so far.
So, I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to give up your old life and write another chapter explaining who the nurse is, as well as the cat eyed boy and a little more about this world. Poor Tyrell (such a pretty name) with his illness and over sensitive skin and pushy father and what appears to be a crazed nurse. But what pretty hair he must have, even if he hates it. Have these people never heard of hair dye? I guess gene-shifting *is* more long term.

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