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10/28/2004 c1 21servatis-a-pereculum
wow. O_O i like it
5/12/2004 c1 57JC-Saved-Me
If only! I can SO relate but like I say to many people, God has everything planned!
5/1/2004 c1 1bugpunk
omg! that was soo awesome mish! i love it...not a poem, but it was awesome... :)
4/11/2004 c1 9arwens-light
whoa...kida freaky...but its good because if you wait up too long, the love of your life could be gone without you even noticing...
4/10/2004 c1 40singingspeechless
not bad. i like the story line...but i wish it coulda been longer.
4/9/2004 c1 heavenleigh5
this is really sweet. I like the idea that we should live for the day "carpe diem". I think maybe you should make it a bit longer so we can see more emotion of the boy and girl. Pls add more. I'm adding it to my faves cos i think its really good
pls check out my work
heavenleigh xx
4/9/2004 c1 7The 12th Neophyte
another one of those stories with theme: "how do you think it feels when all you can say is 'if only'?"-hehe, actually, that was nothing but i appreciate this piece of yours...it reminds me of someone very-um-dear to me. nice job.
4/8/2004 c1 19freethephoenix
I bet this would make a really nice poem. I like the concept behind what you're trying to say. I'd like if it were a bit longer, maybe explain about the characters a bit more, unless you were trying to keep it short with nameless characters. If that's the case then you really focused on the theme, cut the fat away, and got down to the core emotions of this story.
Nice settings, gigantic refrigerator, leather couch, soda, somehow it all reflects on the character's personality, lets the reader fill in the blanks with their own images.
I like how much this story made me think. Nice work.

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