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5/31/2005 c11 Brokenshard
Well... I have read the entire story up until this point, were I find myself wanting more. The entire story seems to wrap around you, and you feel the characters love and hate grow.

Many different twists in the story so far... I want to know what happens next... Post more... now .
5/25/2005 c11 Michael Butler
You're right, it did kind of fade there a bit. Still, good reading, just more abrupt. I hope you're going to take care of Covetter now. He needs to be turned inside out at least.
5/25/2005 c10 Michael Butler
Um... Three! That's just weird! Wonder what happened to his cowardly brother. But they're right, that is going to be... interesting. Oy!

Still wondering what happened with the queen and all. Probly lost contact and thot he was actually dead. You do kinda skip around a bit. Still, it's good readin', now that I don't have a parent looking over my shoulder.
5/25/2005 c9 Michael Butler
Maybe you'll truly kick his ass now. Persoanally, I'd strangle'im with his own intestines. I was about to say "dick", but he wouldn't even choke on it if he swallowed it... Sorry, my feelin's about such things. Still wondering why the Queen let you both go so easily... unless this was either part of her plan, or didn't hinder it. Ah well, on to the next chapter!
5/25/2005 c8 Michael Butler
Talk about yer quick turnarounds. And daughter? This is gettin' odd. Fits ya perfectly. You tangle these up pretty well. Now let's see if you can untangle it. I like the new personality, btw.
4/4/2005 c11 monkeyballs
you suck at writing stories. you should stop writing as soon as possible.
3/10/2005 c11 19freethephoenix
*gets dizzy and tries to keep her head screwed on straight* WOW... this is like, an entire series/cult following/other universe world of stuff here! I mean, I feel like there are some books or some sort of information I should be reading to keep up with all this stuff!This is a Wham Bam plot line, and to think, I started reading this almost a year ago! Isn't that wild?Anyway, love your work, sorry I don't read and review regularily, but I make a point of getting around to it!Good luck with the rest of the story, I'll be here!
12/3/2004 c7 Fein Shin
This was even better than the last few, and didn't seem quite as rushed. Still need to work on spell check, tho. You put the "good parts" where, again? ;P
11/9/2004 c10 The Red Rose Of The Water Dreamingendlessly's new alias
Yo, Joey. And you too, Kyr. This is a good chapter. So many things happened at once! Baby Joey, then a baby Kitty. Lol! I still love this story. Sorry for not reviewing it lately, I've just been so busy. Keep up the good work! Oh, and fyi, there's a new chapter of my fic up. Really new, not reposted.
10/13/2004 c9 13LordUltima
Ew, nasti dergons need to be squeeshed... and I know an otter named mia, he's weird ^_^ and a crossdresser
9/25/2004 c10 wolfgang
Nice story but whats with the three penises thats kind of freaky.
But thanks for dedicating that story to me ... I think. try and write more stories for me to read.
9/22/2004 c10 LordUltima
Horny bunnies horny bunnies bunnies!
9/10/2004 c6 Fein Shin
Still short (and yes, I know why), but still quite good. He does indeed sound like you, or what I know of you. Sounds like he's almost starting to "get over" Minty's condition and getting on with life a little more. However, I foresee possible... 'complications' in the future. Probably doesn't mean much since you already have much of this written, but still...
Anyway, a good transition chapter, overall.
9/2/2004 c5 Fein Shin
This was much better than the previous ones, even though it still sounds like you're short of breath. I think that, if you ever "finish" this, you ought to go back over it and add in more details, like side information or more descriptive affects. You might even think up things to add. However, overall it is very, very good.
8/29/2004 c9 19freethephoenix
" The cloaked figure simply flipped off Coveter and continued to work. " That was awesome! I laughed so hard!
YAY MINTY'S BACK! Okay, that was a very nice happy sequel to the sad Chappie-8
I have an idea, how bout making Coveter impotent, or sterile, or both because that would be funny. I think so anyway... YOU SHOULD MAKE HIM A EUNIC! Hahahaha...
Okay, I just really hate that guy.
So... does Joey still have to do stuff for the Dragon Queen even though his new energy broke the spell? I didn't understand that. But anyway, this is my favourite Chapter, aside from the first one with an older Mia that one's CUTE!
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