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for On Earth My Little Mermaid

7/21/2004 c10 12ananomaly
New York was awesome, as was this chapter. :) Though i find this chapter riveting and i love it even through its tiny errors. Quick question. Im pretty sure sciella and zack are doing the whole romance thing, and i like the blossoming friendship . . . BUT I WANT ROMANCE DARN IT! lol. sorry for the outburst. i cant stand the suspense. soon, i need an update. *puppy dog eyes* hehe, they work every time, why not try them again? ^_^
7/20/2004 c10 3No Wonder
W00T! I'll be the first to buy your book! :-) Yeahh! I've been waiting for an update, so glad you decided to post one! :-D
7/18/2004 c9 Storytellergrl9191
I've got one word for you: AWESOME! Your characters are so real to life.You provide great detail, and I love it when people do;other wise the story is just "blah".
7/1/2004 c9 12ananomaly
Yet another brilliant chapter. Brother on the boat, *sigh* what a twisted plot you weave, lol! update soon! If you do before the 12 thought i wont read it. NEW YORK VACATION! whoo! Anyway, update soon! (the infamous and irresistable) *super cuddly puppy dog eyes*
6/29/2004 c9 3No Wonder
W00T! GREAT as always! You have an awesome story here, and seriously, when you are finished I think you should you into publishing! I really do, this would be a great novel! Thanks for updating, no matter how long or short I "Thrill to every line." (Heehee, bet no one knows what song that comes from!)
6/24/2004 c1 3Singing Sarah
Great first chapter. I'm definetly going to return and finish reading what you have so far. Very well written.
6/23/2004 c8 Storytellergirl9191
I love your plot! It is SO good! Keep writting this story; I'll be waiting for the next chapter! (Oh,by the way,Lizziepadmegrl refered you to me)
6/23/2004 c8 3No Wonder
Awesome, awesome, awesome, as always! This concept is so cool, keep on writing! ^_^!
6/23/2004 c2 Storytellergirl9191
I love your plot! It is SO good! I was refered to you by lizziepadmegrl,and she was right; your stories are great! keep writting please!
6/23/2004 c8 emigo
This is good! I would like to see what happens. Are you going to end it soon or put in a few more events?
6/23/2004 c8 Lola Sue
Hi! I am too lazy to sign in right now because im at a friends house, but what can you do. Yet another brilliant chapter and i am STILL waiting for more. STOP TEASING ME! LoL! I need more! LOL! update soon! *super adorable puppy dog eyes*
6/23/2004 c8 Cougar2k2
An interesting story so far. It will be intersting to see what might develope further along in the story, definatly a story I will be checking in on periodically for updates. Good Work!
6/23/2004 c8 yvonne
not bad, do continue..
i wanna know what happens next =]
6/21/2004 c7 12ananomaly
*eye twitches* Need More Story Now. ARGH! Stupid guy! ARGH! MORE STORY NOW (just so you know i love it) MORE NOW! *super cuddly and adorable irresistable puppy dog eyes*
6/19/2004 c1 Rowena
To my concern I certainly think yuo should write another chapter..its interesting in some ways... i like it though..
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