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for Princes are Evil

12/8/2007 c18 8Cailin O'Keefe
Your sense of humor is such a delight, I really enjoyed reading this! I fell terribly in love with the characters, save for Lana and It. (What was his name again?) The way you weaved this story was intriguing and smooth, the narrative really caught me up into the flow and I quite honestly didn't want it to stop. Reading Rhian go on was a tremendous amusement, she really reminds me of myself and my own thought patterns. ^_^ I'm looking forward to reading more of your work in the future, pray I have the time as I did today!

11/28/2007 c4 1littlewitchgirl77
its so good really good
11/26/2007 c1 littlewitchgirl77
really good like it so far
9/17/2007 c18 5YoungInside
Such a prettyful story.

Brad and Demon are such breatty (prettyful sounds better) creatures.


No offence, but I think you're crazy too. Except your.. decade older. If you have time, read Dyen of a New Nazzer.

To the point, this was a great story. Enjoyed reading it. =)
9/5/2007 c17 1TheQuilAndInk
Love the story very unique there so cute

great job
8/17/2007 c1 Kristen
I want to read this so bad, but it confuses me. this girl is to scatter brained for me. lol. dang.
7/13/2007 c2 2lazy2signin
Heheh, that was cute, but I`m still not laughing at her jookes!
7/11/2007 c1 micky
Oh lordy. When I read your description of this story on your front page I wasn't expecting this. It's wonderful! I cant wait to read more of your stories and the rest of this one. :)
7/5/2007 c18 1BrownEyedBeauty
WOW, that was one of the funniest stories I have ever read. It was so awesome and wonderful. It's fantastically written and it was so much fun and so enjoyable to read. I like that the ending was happy, that was nice. Again, that was an incredible story and I loved it. I think my favorite character would have to be Rhian. She was hilarious. Excellent story, good luck with future work! :D
6/14/2007 c18 6CayRae-SkySong
I just reviewed for Kiss of Twilight and now I'm reviewing this lovley, awesome story! I know you finished this story in 2004 so I don't know if your going to read this, but I'll still review! Lol!

Ok, so this story was amazing! AMAZING! Absolutly loved it! Yes I did! It was a funny and romantic story. Yes, even with the scary rabbits! I just loved all the rabbit stuff. Next time I see a rabbit (which will probably be tomorrow), I will probably look at there eyes to make sure there not red or any other color that shouldn't belong to a rabbit.

I loved Gavin! He's such a sweetie! That was cool with the whole Nolan thing too.

Rhian, is so awesome! Really she is! I can actually really relate to her! I'm very odd to. Yes, odd. But funny! Well, thats why people laugh at me at least...

I liked that ending of this story! On to the sequel! :)

Hehe! Ok anyway, when I finsh the sequel, I will review again! Yes, again! Horriable isn't it?...Hopefully not...


5/4/2007 c18 mgviangradof2008
i lurvve it!
3/29/2007 c18 me
AMAZING! i dont think any other fiction press story has made me laugh that much ... and i ve read a LOT ... anyway i dont usually review anyone ... but ur story was too good to have only 200-ish reviews... so now its 200-ish + 1
3/19/2007 c18 Miss-Scissorhands
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. I read it a while ago, too. Anyway, it's an awesome story. Great job!
3/3/2007 c1 murphy1086
Very cute first chapter!
2/18/2007 c1 atreyu love
interesting. a bit confusing though
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