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for Princes are Evil

11/17/2006 c11 5Skeptic-Critic
What's with all the double spacing? I was so excited for a really long chapter and it was really just spaced out...
11/17/2006 c10 Skeptic-Critic
Half the time I can't even understand where her train of thought is going and it's got me clutching my sides...in laughter...
11/17/2006 c9 Skeptic-Critic
Luckily I don't have to wait until you update...I just have to wait until after dinner...Which I'll eat as fast as I can...
11/17/2006 c8 Skeptic-Critic
Heheheh...Still laughing...although a little sad that she hasn't gone back yet...Although...I want them to get together in the end...But i don't want the to chase him...I don't think...
11/17/2006 c7 Skeptic-Critic
Oh...I think I need to copy and paste that scene...I do that a lot...copy and paste scenes or lines that I totally fall in love with...that was one of them...
11/17/2006 c6 Skeptic-Critic
Chapter six and she already made him laugh? Admittedly, I thought it would take longer...
11/17/2006 c5 Skeptic-Critic
Let me just say,laughing and squealing are hard to do at the same time...
11/17/2006 c4 Skeptic-Critic
and the laughter continues...
11/17/2006 c3 Skeptic-Critic
hehehehe...Something tells me I'm going to spend most of this story laughing...
11/17/2006 c2 Skeptic-Critic
Hehehehehe...So wonderful...Now I'm really sad that it took me this long to find time to read this...Even worse is, I only have 15 more minutes until class starts...
11/17/2006 c1 Skeptic-Critic
I finally got a chance to at least start this...And I'm glad I did...Talk about a total 180 between your stories...This one is funny and light and...yeah...

GUess what?

I'm going to start my fave authros list...And of course, You're the first one on it...Well...You're the first one I'm putting down...Which should show you as being first...But I've never really tried this before so I don't know...
11/10/2006 c18 Alenor
aw, that was a wonderful story, i love it! cya later ~ Alenor.
8/19/2006 c17 1XXangel.fireXX
Oh, I love this story. Rhian, yes Rye-an, is so cute! She's in denial, seriously. But that's funny.

And I agree with her about rabbits. We had one once. With pink eyes! Horrible, staring pink eyes! And it BIT ME! No seriously. It would be so cute and lie there on the grass. I'd walk up to it, and give it a stroke, adn it would be all snuggly and soft and next minute I'm clutching my ankle and trying to find a plaster. Bunnies are evil.

This story was amazingly funny and good and twisty. You have a very annoying but good habit of putting in these horrible twists where the girl is taken away somehow where you think it's impossible for them to get back together! It's so mean! It makes me cry. _ It's not fair.

Keep writing or I'll stick toothpicks into every inch of your skin, cut off your limbs with a chopstick and then stab you with a fountain pen with poison ink! MWAHAHA!
8/13/2006 c3 1Oaks and Elms
I must protest. How come all the Lana's at the stories are black-hearted dumd blondes? This is truly insulting (I am certainly not a blonde and my name's Lana).

And now seriously- your story is really funny. Keep writing more stories.
3/18/2006 c18 10cherrypiesizzle
Wow! Lol...that was a great story. Your writing greatly improved over the period of time you wrote this story. I liked it in Gavin's point of view better...not as random or crazy (like, with Rhian, it seems too much like a diary).
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