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for Princes are Evil

7/24/2005 c2 HajariSheep
LOL! Ah... *shakes head* tha was almost embarassing to read... Dancing with nobody in front of a room full of people... eep _

Great story, I love it!
7/20/2005 c17 bachi
that was so good! i loved this story! it was hilarious! cant wait till u finish the sequel!
7/19/2005 c18 Guest
Love the story. Cracked up laughing so many times. Especially when she's checking the old woman for ear wax.

Great story.
7/18/2005 c18 5xxPoPdAnCeRxx
i luv ur story o so so so so so so so much!1 iluv it! ur such a great riter!
7/17/2005 c11 xxPoPdAnCeRxx
i LUV ur story so much!1
7/12/2005 c2 6xraspberrykissesx
HEHE.This story is just so funny! Especially the invisable dancing partner!
7/3/2005 c4 6McQuinn
It's safe to say that she likes him... :P Rhian rambles too often, though, to the point where (sometimes) she doesn't finish her thoughts. Her thoughts are fragmented - way too much confusion, if I do say so myself...

I'm confused (well, that's surprising, isn't it?) about the setting of the story. "Shoot me," she said - with a bow and arrow, right? Which basically means that there are no guns. But I remember in the previous chapter, you said words like, "It sucked," or the ever-so-famous, "Hello!" The time period you set in the previous chapter and this one clash.

"It" is starting to annoy me to the point where I just want someone to strangle him so I don't have to read about his sorry ass any longer.

Rhiannon is still perfect but cocky - maybe that's her flaw. I wish there were more, though.

Until next chapter.
7/3/2005 c3 McQuinn
Well. *Sighs.* Okay. Of course, I'm already growing sick of Princess Lana, so I'm rooting for Rhian. Woot. Erm...though I still don't quite understand why he would be showing any emotion. He's only supposed to do so after the spell is broken, correct? Or is it that...as a standby, he can't show emotion until someone interests him, and then he can't fall in love until someone makes him laugh...I think that might be it...possibly. Okay, so I'm more than a little confused - I've been thinking about this all day. How is one supposed to laugh before he doesn't show any emotion at all? It's mind boggling. :P

Rhian is too dramatic, but you said so in your story, so I guess she's meant to be like that. Though I absolutely dislike how she's completely infatuated with his eyes. She can't look at him without commenting on them.

You know what I think is missing? A best friend. Rhian should have a best friend, should she not? I mean, a girl as funny and as charming as she should have a partner-in-crime, and it would be kind of cool to see a relationship with someone other than her parents and her Prince Charming.

And! About the ending - when Queen Catherine announces that whoever makes him laugh will marry him - I kind of pictured Prince Gavin sitting in the throne room with thousands of girls on line, and each one of them would try to do all these funny tricks, like juggling, or cracking jokes...and of course, Rhian wouldn't be on the line, because she's supposedly "not interested" in the prince and his blue, blue, blue eyes. And she'd walk in front of him and accidentally trip, and he'd burst out laughing. She wouldn't even make an effort to be funny, and he'd laugh anyway. :P I hope something similar to that happens, but we'll see what happens.

And you thought you were the Ramble Queen. :P
7/3/2005 c2 McQuinn
Heh! Well she's a barrel of fun, isn't she? She's the type of person that would make a fool out of herself for the sake of making others laugh. Which is a great characteristic, by the way, because those are the greatest people.

The prince is dull, as you said, so I was kind of...shocked that he paid so much attention to her and had that glimmer in his eyes. I thought it might've taken much longer for her to get his attention - and already she's living in the castle...or at least she got an invitation to do so. One good thing about this fast-moving pace is that the story is progressing, and not dragging along. So kudos to you, for that.

The forced/overused jokes don't recur as much in this chapter, but it was just as funny as the last chapter. Which goes to show you that subtle humor is probably better than stories that are filled with it.

I'm completely entertained; I'm going on to the next chapter.
7/3/2005 c1 McQuinn
Amazing, beautifully written chapter! There's an immediate hook, because you make Rhiannon so lively and funny. I love the care-free, entertaining relationship she shares with her parents, because it brings out more of her character.

My only three qualms:

-There were some punctuation mistakes - minor, though.

-Many of the jokes seemed dragged and overused. Like "the castle is white - really white" thing.

-Rhiannon's character screams, "I'm a Mary Sue! I'm a Mary Sue!" She's funny, beautiful, quite a bit cocky, klutzy, "has a tiny waist," has dark eyes - she seems perfect! I hope to see some of her flaws within the next chapters, but right now? I kind of despise her for being that flawless. Though I do enjoy her humor.

Great chapter - well written. I'll make sure to read more later.
5/6/2005 c2 what a dreamer
Already on Chapter 2 and I'm laughing my head off. But of course I'm shaking because I don't want my family to see I'm laughing so hard. You are a very good author for keeping things humorous.*sigh* okay I finally calmed down. When I'm done with this story I can't wait to read the sequel. Well, I shall be going so...tAtA* ^_^
4/12/2005 c18 Barkers
Wow! it certainly ROCKED! *grins* THANK YOU FOR THAT! XD
4/12/2005 c15 Barkers
This was not a funny situation. The demon child wanted me to play with him. Alone. Somewhere out in the beyond. Where nobody could hear me scream. Save the rabbits that seemed to pop up everywhere...so funny! lol
4/12/2005 c9 Barkers
OH WOW! lol so bloody funny!
2/10/2005 c18 4Fire Djinn
So so so so so so so so funny! I don't thhink there's a better adjective to describe it! Your style is very unique. Rabits, rabits, rabits! *giggles*
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