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for Princes are Evil

1/29/2005 c18 mysticraven81
THIS IS THE FUNNIEST STORY I HAVE READ IN A WHILE! you got some real talent. one of my friends is a true fan of yours. i am starting to be one too. i was honored to read such work.
1/26/2005 c18 34lil-popcorngurl
I LOVE THIS. this wins this months MILK award which stands for: Me likey!
1/26/2005 c1 lil-popcorngurl
I havent found a story to catch my interest the way this one has, pardon my french but this F*cking rocks! I cant wait to read the rest
1/21/2005 c1 Christine Bahrens
Huh, that's funny. I read a book by Cate Tiernan and the character was Ryan Delaney, only he was a guy, and Ryan was spelled differently, of course. Hmm ...
1/18/2005 c7 geekchic
this story is really detailed, but it doesnt quite make sense. I don't empathize with Rhian's predicament at all, because i don't know what in the world she is thinking, feeling, hoping will come out of this. I like the story's plot though, and I feel almost familiar with Rhian, like she is my friend.
12/28/2004 c18 12annikodomo
I love it! This is such a great story. I read practically nonstop for 2 days to finish it, because it was so good. hehe...my mom kept asking why I was laughing so hard. I can't wait to read the sequel!
12/14/2004 c1 12OneGirlRevolution311
I like this so far!I will continue to read this soon but i can't now.

Anyway, I can't wait to find out what happens next.

12/2/2004 c2 2cassandra26
I love this thing!
11/25/2004 c2 11Masavi
This was a much better chapter than the first, I must admit. I hope it continues this way. And if it does, I'm really sorry about that other comment I said before. But you could have cut down on the emphasis, it gets quite annoying.
11/25/2004 c1 Masavi
I'm not saying that this story is good, and I'm not saying it's that bad, either. I know I am only at Chapter 1, but I say that the first chapters speak for themselves. I will continue reading, for the pure fact that I have nothing else to do. I guess your name really does imply about how you write. Uh... sorry, anyway, you'll probably get better as you write. Most people are like that. But I'm the one to follow my advice since I am still child-like and all. Ok, well, I hope your writing career moves along and that you continue to improve.
10/29/2004 c9 6QueenSavvy
Hi there. I really love your story. I haven't finished it yet, but I got to chapter nine and so far it is hilarious and sweet. I enjoy your humor immensley! It reminds me of me! Ha!. Well Anyway I just wanted you to know that so far this story is excellent. I love how you slip in humor in the most serious of situations, it keeps things really interesting!
I hope you have a chance to read one of mine as soon as I put it up. My username is TheGreatSavvy, and I should have my story up asap! Thanks for listening, and I hope to read some more of your stories!
10/11/2004 c18 Kiley
it is so good.i was laghing for 2 hours.
9/14/2004 c18 10Quid
Rabbits! Evil beings them. I couldn't agree more! Anyways, WOW nice work. Its funny while maintaining a sort of sense of reality.
9/4/2004 c18 5CrystalDusk
this is such a good story! it's so funny! i would've laughed heaps cept i cant because i have a stupid sore throat and if i laugh i go into a coughing fit. but still. its really funny! i think ill go read the sequel now...
8/25/2004 c18 Lillianna-Rose
This was really funny, but a tad confusing... Still, good story!
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