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7/5/2004 c18 liz
i loved it! i always wanted 2 know when gavin had laughed and this explained it. great job! i loved it!
7/1/2004 c17 3maybeXtomorrow
i would like to know when EXACTLY he first laughed. maybe you said it already and i'm just slow and missed it. grr. and i thought the whole thing was funny so i can't really choose a single part.
i enjoyed this story. great humor. haha
7/1/2004 c2 maybeXtomorrow
i just thought i'd comment as i began to read this and mentiong that this is TRUELY a very funny story. i like it. back to my reading now...
6/25/2004 c17 Frozen in Motion
Loved your story.
do a sequel or something.
6/24/2004 c1 little tide
really good first chapter
6/23/2004 c17 whocare
6/23/2004 c17 Kara Adar
HURRAH! THAT WAS GREAT! PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THAT SEQUEL, THOUGH! *shakes head sadly* fairies really can be awfully annoying, can't they? can't wait for the sequel- i know, i know, 'well you'll have to'! have a great va-k, by the way! we just went on one to Nova Scotia, it was great! gee, i seem to like the word 'great' today! Princes Are Evil was- and still is, of course- really fabulous! and it is also my absolute, first, number one, favorite story on FictionPress!
6/22/2004 c17 15Amaya Windsong
very nice. the ending was a bit abrupt, but besides that it tied up a lot of the loose ends. however, i really liked the ending, its somethign i LOVE to do in my story...in fact i'm planing something like that for the end of Don't Turn Your Back (my story..dun dun dun, lol) and i liked seeing it used, even though i was hoping to be original for once! lol. okay, to answer your poll.
funniest? i ono. i really liked all teh stuff where the narrator/rhian seems to be talking directly to you, for instance in this chapter when shes like "and don't start saying i should never have left him, either!" i found those parts funny, i loved the way you added them in. hmm, i also liked when she was with all the fairies though and they were all reading her mind. that was chunky (my word for cool now) too.
annoying? nah
c'mon..It has GOTTA die. hm..the return of Ash or the dragon would be interesting, though i guess i have no control since you've already got it planned out.
can't wait to see more of this! *not-so-patiently awaits sequel*
6/22/2004 c17 Starry Night Skies
This story was so hilarious. I was laughing so much when I read it! The funniest part, to me, was the rabbits. Or the going around in a circle and seeing the same tree and rabbits again part. Or maybe the part where Nolan introduces her to his horse – Demon. That was just so funny.
The only annoying this was the Nolan part. If I were Rhian, I woulda slapped him, lol. But this was so funny. Great job!
6/21/2004 c17 2BreeJalil
Hey, I just startd reading this story, I really liked it, I loved her humor, I liked the ending too, and Gavin seemed so nice, u did a great job describing him :D
I hope you write somemore, check out my stories if u want, they aren't fantasy, they are romance, two of them are sorta fantasy but the other is a true story you should really read it, its about my best friend. :P
6/20/2004 c17 Pianogoddesssssss
haha that was hilarious!
sequel? You're gonna make a sequel? KICK ASS!
anyway-I laughed especially hard when she started calling Prince Collin "It", because there's this boy that I HATE (because he's a homophobic freak who doesn't wash his hair), and i call him IT as well.
6/20/2004 c17 lady scribe of avandell
it was good! yay! and i honestly can't say what the funniest part was, because it's one big laugh-fest...so hilarious! and no, it's not annoying. and i'd like for leah to get together with sunshine/it/whateverhisnameis. now THAT would be hilarious. lol..i'm a little crazy right now. keep writing! sere mi eru...lsoa
6/20/2004 c17 wzd0m T0oth
hey... that was pretty good. funniest part? um... i'd have to say when Rhian was with the faries who were reading her mind. annoying? no. confusing at parts? somewhat...
overall... good job
oh, and btw... if you can't kill It, can you kill Lana?
6/20/2004 c17 7lilxseeker
w0w first of all have fun at florida, this is an ok ending and kind of abrupt but it was good...please hurry n put up the sequel! I think the funniest parts are always about RABBITS! yay! i have no clue what you should put in the sequel but i hope it'll be funny and with RABBITS! great work on the story!
6/20/2004 c17 emigo
The ending was abrupt. But it was a really great story. CAn't wait for the sequel.
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