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6/9/2004 c16 Ti
aw... this story's gonna end soon! *tear* well, at least ther's a sequel... *sigh* UPDATE SOON!
6/9/2004 c16 where's the deactivate button
Please please please please please please please please please PLEASE update soon!
6/9/2004 c16 1silverferal
I know a girl named Aimee. Her last name is Loudinslager, i think.
BTW... NO you soo cant have only one more chapter! need more more more more more! (I love the story, if you hadn't figured that out by the repitation of the MORES!)
6/9/2004 c16 15Amaya Windsong
no! *sobs* only one chapter left! *sadness* well, these past three chapters have been very very very good...not as good as others, but good all the same! this story is great, and you know what? it convinced me to be afraid of rabbits...not a good thing since i used to own a rabbit. evil little punk thing it was. pure white with EVIL RED EYES! *shudders* rabbits FREAK ME OUT! you are a great writer! i can't wait til the last chapter, but imma be sad cuz it'll be all over! *tear* well, good job with it all, i absolutely love this story!
6/9/2004 c15 Amaya Windsong
OMGOSH! i was forking rite! lol. there must be a sequel! if there's not, i'll cry or something...cuz there's gonna be a lot left unsaid...okay, excuse me while i finish reading..
6/9/2004 c14 Amaya Windsong
nolan is an egotistical jerk and should DIE! wait...no he shouldn't, cuz he's Gavin, understand? lol. he has to be Gavin...but why would he be hiding it frome her? o forget it, imma finish reading the rest of it...
6/9/2004 c16 5aiur
omg i have quite a lot to say. first off, i am SO incredibly happy you update THREE chapters on this. really ... i can't begin to tell you just how stressful the day i just had was. thank you so much i don't know what i'd be doing right now if you hadn't made me laugh and release the tension. great chapters! all really funny, and i loved the loss of rhian's memory because you still managed to keep her character fresh and like it always is despite everything. the bubbles, haha. that was clever, how suddenly she'd pop off something without even knowing where it came from. and YES i am happy i figured out the nolan/gavin thing ... though maybe i shouldn't be since it was rather obvious. ergh. but i never saw the memory twist with him coming in. and if you're making a sequel for this, then i guess i can't expect his memory to come back and all that. darn. so props to you on the plot twist there. also, really cute job with the whole game with the kids where he had to win her. that was just hilarious, hehe. i love your characters. the memory thing with the little man still has me a little confused, though. and i read your author notes, too =P i just forget right after almost. it's the way my brain works. *cough* ... yes, that's what it is. to the one last chapter (i think) i think we're all extremely hypocritical, as human beings. face it. flames are NO fun. i know exactly what you mean. i'm all for people being honest, because it keeps things in perspective, and flattery does get a little redundant from time to time ... but flames can totally bring you down for some stupid reason. it's like one comment can outweigh ten others. so i gotta tell you hold your head up high and be proud of what you've written here. i commend you for sticking with your style despite what they said. and concentrate on all the positive feedback you're getting. different people like different kinds of humour and different styles of writing. it's a fact of life, but some people try and use that as a weapon and slam anything that doesn't appeal to them. but flamers are just jealous. that's what i've learned. don't let it get to you. i personally feel that no story on this site could ever make it as a published work, just because of the huge difference between a book and a chapter-by-chapter fic. a book just wouldn't work on this site! but i don't think you should give up or anything and i don't think your humour missed the mark. i can't wait for the final chapter. did you know that this is the only fic i'm reading right now? i have this major thing to do for school so i'm completely neglecting everything, but when i saw the alerts for this, i just had to read it. i needed to laugh. and you've done that for me, on a day when i didn't think it was possible. so thank you, and just think about that rather than what others say. =)
6/9/2004 c16 Kara Adar
sequel, please please please please please! you are evil, you know that? 'course you do. you said so your self! but PLEASE write more! and a sequel! come on, don't make me beg!...ok, i'll beg. *gets down on knees and begs* soon? please? ~Kara
6/7/2004 c5 kinder1
Loved this chapter. Brad. Hahahahaha. A dragon named brad. That is hilarious. I love it. You have to update soon. I can't wait to read more.
6/1/2004 c4 Musica
I really do like this story, but it needs some improvments. the naration should be a little less jumbled. it needs to flow more. otherwise i find this story very funny, entertaining, and interesting. keep up the good work. =D
6/1/2004 c13 aiur
omg i cannot believe this ... you updated on the 23rd ... okie WHERE'S MY ALERT? ah, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry! i had NO idea you had updated - and twice, too! great, great chapters. the thing i admire most about this fic, i think, is the consistency. and that kinda sounds boring, but it's such a underrated thing. you've done an awesome job with creating a protagonist who has her quirks and is a little "off-the-wall" (just slightly, of course) and who is not what you'd expect at all with this kind of fic about spells of not laughing. =D so i think you know my answer. i'd go with rhian all the way, because you've written her VERY cleverly. gotta admire that kinda girl. loved both chapters. keep going, keep going! 'cause right now i'm still hanging onto nolan's every word. is he or isn't he? is he or isn't he? you're gonna drive me crazy. update as soon as you can please =)
6/1/2004 c13 22dwilivia
Rhian's my fav character... she's so funny! please keep writing! :P
5/29/2004 c13 5Dez Tiny
i like demon! hehe... anyway, you had BETTER update soon! this is one of the most hilarious stories i have ever read. it's almost 3 am over here... i was trying SO hard not to crack up. don't wanna wake up the rentz ya knw. YES GET THIS PUBLISHED! that'd b awesome.
5/28/2004 c13 15Amaya Windsong
oh wow! this is an amazing story! i can see it being published some day.. the poll the poll.. umm, fave character? not rhian... everyone will say her... um, i dunno, gavin? or maybe leah, not sure. hurry and post the next chappie, this is amazingly good!
5/26/2004 c1 53Individual-9086
This story seems to have a really great plot, very original and sweet. Still, if I must be honest, I do not like it.
Truthfully, it seems like you are going a little overboard with the rambling and attempts at humor. 90% of what you have written as humor is not at all funny.
At first I tolerated your writing style, but it just got too annoying. The idea seems like it could make a good story, but you should try not to digress too much.
It is fine to use humor, but don't get carried away.
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