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5/23/2004 c13 mooka mooka
Nolan (Gavin?)! He is so cool! Jumping off mountains? That sounds mad fun! He is also cool because he insults Rhian frequently and the verbal matches are funny. No... amusing.
5/23/2004 c13 7lilxseeker
Please update fast! Publishing your story would be a great idea, but it might be a lot of work. Nolan's my favorite character!
5/23/2004 c13 Kara Adar
*blinks* umm... interesting chapters? no, really, they were cool, just kinda weird. or maybe i'm just outa it. i'm really tired today. but you had a Dragon! that's my speialty! (how the heck do you spell that?)i LOVE Dragons!
5/22/2004 c11 Kara Adar
*raises eyrbows* i thought indiana jones was snakes and ron weasley was spiders. really really REALLY cool chapter, by the way! it should be called THE RETURN OF DEMON! woah that was scary... but, anywho...
5/22/2004 c11 brokensilverheart
hey man your story will always put me in a better modd when i read it. well please keep writing becasue it is soo funny and romantic. i dont like the fact the fairies can read rhian's mind. it seems very mean. hehehe well keep writing.
5/22/2004 c11 1Xelrina
interesting, i love sarcasm..you go girl! :) update soon...are you like Rhian? Or is she just a character?
5/21/2004 c11 5aiur
getting popular now, aren't you? =P this is too good a story for people to brush over ... i think they're just starting to understand that. awesome chapter as always, primarily because of the humour in it. i just love your characters SO much. i'm hanging onto my hunch then hehe you're as evil as i am with not giving anything away. and thank you for reading all my stuff i'm bouncing off the walls now
5/20/2004 c11 notmedead
it is it is gavin i know it :D
5/20/2004 c11 mooka mooka
Awesome! I liked it when Rhian threw the rock at Nolan. Haha, it amused me. Making your sister afraid of rabbits? Thats also amusing. Wanna know whats not amusing? Waiting for a chapter. But its worth it (you update pretty frequently anyway)! I'll wait as long as needed for your updates as Gavin will for Rhian. aw... cuteness! I hope It's foot gets bitten off by a rabbit pretty soon... ;-) That'd also be amusing.
5/20/2004 c11 10My Works 87
Mystery? NO! ! ! ! You can't! Well...actually you can. I like mystery too, it keeps the reader going, ya know? So yeah...don't write out the myster. Keep it. So we know Gavin and Nolan have the same kind of eyes...and we know Gavin is missing as well as Leah. We know NOlan knows Gavin. so...conclusions anyone?
5/20/2004 c11 2The Light of Earendil
I got a super speedy review thing! yay! Lol love the story. *sigh* I miss Gavin. Noah... Gavin... hm... okay hurry up and update so I can find out what happens:) Great job!
~The Light
5/20/2004 c11 ming
wohoo! another chappie! Yep , I did print the last 3 chapters off, but since it was about 30 pages, i'm not doing that again... but anyway, this is seriously distracting me from my revision! Damn you and your fantastically funny story! Gr... Well, I may forgive you if Gavin aka Elijah Wood appears in the next chappie. And Leah's appearing again? Yay! Oh dear. Must get back to revision. Next chappie up please!
5/19/2004 c11 20RasberryDragon
I REALLY enjoyed this story. I laughed through the whole thing. I comend you on your ability to make others laugh. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
5/19/2004 c11 Nightmare
Nolan gives a great description of him... I guess I'll find out in the next chapter then, or will you keep us hanging longer? 0.0 Lol.
5/19/2004 c11 4CeeDee
no nolan!
i want gavin!
wah did he find her?
hurry and update!
i can't wait to find out!
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