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for Princes are Evil

5/12/2004 c1 Aloura Anderson
I really like this story, it remides me of one of my friends when she's hyper I've only gotten to the 3rd page but I really like it. good job keep up the good work.
5/12/2004 c10 4faithfuldescent
I would give a guess that Nolan is Gavin in disguise and he would use this disguise to woo Rhian then Rhian would be angry at gavin when she discovers the truth about gavin's deciet.
5/12/2004 c10 ming
ok, haven't read chapters 7 - 10 yet, but if its ok with you, i wish to print these off so i can read these at my leisure, cause I can't wait until lunch, which is the only time when i'll have...time if you see what i mean, but i'm sure they all be as hysterical as the other chappies so far! *winks* hurry with the next chappie!
p.s. is gavin coming back soon?
5/11/2004 c10 Topaz Tribal
._ ARG! Why do you do this to me? I swear, you need to quit it with all these crappy cliffhangers! Rawr!
5/11/2004 c10 kimder1
It's the prince isn' it. It has to bet he prince. THat would so ironis. I like that word today. Anyway. I loved theses chapters. I am so happy oyu updated twic.e I can't wait to read more Please update again really soon. I w3ant to find out who Nolan is *Cough cough* the prince *Cough cough* AAndI want to find out what Rhian doing and all that good stuff. Please UPDate again soon
5/11/2004 c10 jayl
OMG! luving it, update soon!
5/11/2004 c10 StarsignLeo
I love how you type what she's thinking and how it connects to other stuff. it's perfect! I know! Science teachers are so stupid! lol. this is great, I can't wait to read more! I love it!
5/11/2004 c10 5aiur
that better not be gavin pretending to be some bandit or something. =P really 'cause then my hunch would be right and if you know me i'm NEVER right about plot lines. either i read work by really brilliant unpredictable authors, or i'm just stupid. eh ... i think it's the latter -_- ... anyways, another really brilliant chapter. i loved that beginning. i just kept laughing and laughing and laughing ... really really nice work! ooh and by the way, just to let you know, you're now going on my fav. list. hehe you should feel special; it's not every day i put people on that thing. but yeah this story is just hilarious and really well written so i kinda have no choice =)
5/11/2004 c9 aiur
lol i know i haven't updated for, er ... longer than you didn't for =P. i'm evil - i know. i'm sorry, sorry, sorry ... but this isn't about me. i loved that chapter and how you managed to make it really serious (the plot line) while still interjecting all that humour that was so characteristic of rhiannon in there. ahaha ... more from the rabbits! lol ... and your sis did good. this is a really good twist to the plot. =) kudos and thank you for being so patient with me. i just need you to hang on a little bit longer. update should be up, um ... by this weekend, i should think. thursday-saturday ... somewhere in there. ooh and if you're waiting for me to update, would you mind checking out my new fic? well not so new anymore but yeah. it's called "dark hunter" under the same pen name. =D great writing
5/11/2004 c10 2Destiny Violet
ahh! that's awesome.. funny ^^ can't wait till she goes back! need more!
5/11/2004 c10 Kara Adar
L.O.L.! cool! PLEASE write more as soon as you possibly can! it's really cool so far! what's with the fairies reading minds? must be REALLY anoying! so is that 'silence' thing. and the tree... poor Rhian!...what, may i ask, is this fasination (sp?)of hers with evil rabbits? although, let my hasten to add, thease ones are really creepy!
well, G2G do my lil' sis's hair now, waiting hopefully for more soon, Kara
5/11/2004 c10 Nightmare
This thing is hilarious! It's also kinda sad she always objects to love, but I'm just wondering if and how she'll get back to him? Nice cliffhanger, I'll keep watchin'!
5/11/2004 c3 1Sweetvenom1
HA! This is funny!
5/11/2004 c10 mooka mooka
aw, you'd best update soon or killer rabbits will come for you too! ;-)
5/11/2004 c5 ming
"damn, but that figment could kiss good". You do not know how much i cracked up during this story ;) its brilliant!
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