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8/8/2011 c9 i-wish-i-had-wings
"Silence!" god, the humor in that grew on me and made me laugh harder and harder xD i could seriously hear it in my head, ok that didn't sound very good..=p anyways, i like your sence of humour and i will definetly continue reading =)
6/11/2011 c1 Aj
Lol! Wow! I haven't laughed like that in a really really really long time! Man, you used white 17 times in this last chapter! XD this story is making me smile so far! Hehe~ can't wait to see how it ends!
6/8/2011 c5 TruthBeTold
I have never laughed sooooo harrrddd at a story before! Amazingly written with such accurate Humour =) &i looove the protagonist girl..ussually their just helpless dull a damsel in distress by all accounts !_ BUT this one ! Hahah Reyien (yeah I've read her names a million timmes watever STILL can't spell it) she is BY FAR the BEST Female Protagonist I've read ! xD
5/7/2011 c17 Sylven
I know killing It isn't an option, nor having him mugged. That'd make me feel SORRY for him! No, I want him slapped in the face! And yelled at! That's all.

And, yeah, the ending's a LITTLE abrupt, but, hey, it's a nice ending. Thank you. I'll wait to read that sequel. Because I spent hours reading this story, and never took a break. Eheh... I'm lucky I didn't burn my eyes out from the evil computer light with beautiful words, really, I am.


5/7/2011 c15 Sylven
What? Only seventeen chapters? Madness!

Scheming to read the sequel as soon as she finishes this,

5/7/2011 c14 Sylven
'"You don't?" he asked me.

A miracle! Somebody was actually speaking as if I was in the room! I liked him already!'

'Well, at least I wasn't involved with fairies or dragons or witches or whatever else that was extremely dangerous and powerful. Only the castle.'

*cracks up*

'He changed the subject on me! He was evil. Plain evil. Like a prince.' Yes!- *nods pensively in agreement* -like a prince.

'"You called Nolan Gavin, didn't you?" I asked her. That meant that….

….she was as delusional as I was! I was not alone! Hooray!' Yay!

And, yes, you SHOULD have stayed in bed this morning.

Hmph. Hypocritical brat. Calling her ugly, then going off to beg his mother to keep the pretty pet. Bah. She's not the puppy! Honest! GAVIN is!

5/7/2011 c13 Sylven
Oops. Forgot # Two. That is: Yes, publish this, for it is amazing. thank you.


5/7/2011 c13 Sylven
One, my favorite character is Rhian. And Gavin. And Ahanu. Yep, my fave is Ahanu, the one who I relate to is Rhian, and the one who's my fave as in he's-such-a-cute-little-puppy cute character is Gavin-prince-guy. Teehee.

5/7/2011 c12 Sylven
"What is a very beautiful lady"-

Pause. It called her a 'very beautiful lady'. What had Rhian said would happen if that happened?

And as she's flying away, she's dazed enough that everything, instead of being all panicky, was dulled, as though everybody was mindlessly skipping in fields of flowers and tossing lollipops everywhere. And any moment now, she's going to get hit in the head with one, and be jolted back to reality, and THEN freak out by doing one thing. Babbling nonsense. Any moment now. I can feel it.

'So, where were we going? To those spooky mountains that were looming with perpetually dark clouds overhead?'

Yes. I'm afraid we are.

'What did you people think he'd say?'

Um... certainly not what YOU thought! Nope, not at all! *Whistles random tune with false cheery innocence.*

And I agree. Brad was a strange name for a dragon- wait, was? Does that mean he dies? Or does she change her opinion? *Panics, then settles back to apathy.* Meh. *Continues reading.*

and- oh, his name really HAD been Firebrand? ... hm. Well, now it's Brad! He changed it, so-! *Falls asleep.*

And... Aunt Ann would love this dragon. *nods in agreement* As would I, frankly- no. Because then I'd have no time to talk. Or think to myself. It'd be annoying. And I wouldn't have ANYTHING else to do! I'm with Rhian now! Get her out! Let me rip through dimensions and rescue her because I'm the reader, and what she suffers through, I do, and we can't have that!

*Now ranting,

5/7/2011 c11 Sylven
"No, it's going to rain."

"What are you talking about? It's a clear….oh. It's going to rain."

Had I already reviewed? ... oh well. =3

5/7/2011 c11 Sylven
'"Cute is a word associated with a puppy dog!"

I had called Gavin cute. Was Gavin a puppy dog, then?'

Yes, yes he was.

'He was appalled by my behavior? What kind of bandit said that?' A Gavin one.

And... his fairy godfather. Of course. That's who his steed is. it HAS to be Ahanu. *stares, then starts giggling insanely*

*Too incomprehensible to review the story any farther, reduced to merely reading without comment,

5/7/2011 c10 Sylven
*Stare~...* ...how could she NOT recognized those eyes? When I saw them, I was like, 'It's Prince Whatshisname!' And Now (yes, with capital 'N') I'm like, oh, he was Gavin-prince-guy. Yes, I call him Gavin-prince-guy in my thoughts. Sometimes Prince-guy. And It is always... It. Ick. Yeah, I call him Ick more than It, but they seemed the same to me. *shrug*

5/7/2011 c10 Sylven
"I was walking in a circle. How did I know I was walking in a circle? Glad you asked.

You see that tree there? The one with the pretty gold leaves that the rabbit is sleeping under? Well, I think I passed that tree before. Really, I think I did.

I kept on walking. Ten minutes later, I realized I was walking in a circle. How? See that tree right there? The one with the pretty gold leaves that the rabbit is sleeping under? I'm sure I passed that before.

Perhaps I should take a different path..

I was walking in a circle. How did I know I was walking in a circle? You see that tree there? Yeah, the one with the golden how did you know about the rabbit? I'm walking in a circle?"

I don't think i need to quote anything else, and I haven't even finished the chapter yet. har har.

5/7/2011 c9 Sylven
"Oops. Scary fairies. Words of advice: never meet a fairy."

"What was up with fairies saying "silence" all the time, anyway?"

"And, when left to one's own thoughts, what does one think of?

Apparently rabbits."

"Was I just quoting Mistress Peacock's prudish friend? Was I actually growing up? Nah, I wasn't. I was just saving everybody from evil Princess Lana."

Just a few select quotes from this chapter. I could've chosen so much more... but again, with the explanation I made last review.

5/7/2011 c8 Sylven
'All I could think of was. I had been right all along! I had a fairy godmother! Who was right? Me! Yeah! Mother and father were wrong. I was right. Who was right? Me. Who was special? Me. And Gavin. Wait a minute.'

'That was almost..scary. I realized I had been using that word a lot. This is scary. That is scary. He is scary. She is scary. They are scary. I had to stop.'

I love quoting. Especially just to highlight funny parts, and skip other perfectly good parts, simply because I do not wish to quote the entire story. Because that's just... something I do not do in reviews. So there.

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