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for Princes are Evil

5/7/2011 c7 Sylven
Cheese, bananas, and pickles. Oh dear. What happened to the shush kabobs of linen in the world?

Leaving her heavily encrypted-with-a-nonexistent-code message,

5/7/2011 c6 Sylven
"That's right! I called you stupid! What are you going to do about it?

Apparently, sit on me."

I love the appearance of the telepathic Demon-horse. Apparently, Tranquility doesn't hold any grudges against Princey, while he likes annoying Rhian... a lot... maybe because he just liked annoying funny people. Or perhaps she called him stupid several times and the Prince never did so. And now I'm thinking about the Prince's opinion on animals while not paying a single thought to Rhian's current state of Distress. Yes, with a capital 'D'. The Distress.

That's fun to say. :3 Distress, Distress, The Distress, The Distress, sounds like dress. The Distress. The Distress.


The Distress... The Distress... The Distress! ... The Distress... The Distress...! The Distress... The Distress... The Distress... The Distress...
5/7/2011 c5 Sylven
Oh, and yes, Maids are creepy. They had super powers. =3

"And did I just think that? Where was my brain? If you happen to find it, please return it to me. Thanks."

*starts frantically searching, then stops abruptly* Erm... heheh... *awkwardly hides squishy gray lumpy thing behind back* I, um, forgot I had that... I didn't take it! Honest! I hadn't!


OK, so I had, but who wouldn't?

Avidly reading,

5/7/2011 c4 Sylven
I am still very in love with your story. I admit that I can love stories with an obsession akin to romance, except not quite. Because that's just... impossible... yeah. Off subject, and only with a few words. Bleh.

Aherm. Yeah, why was she pretending she wasn't infatuated? Erm... because she COULD be, that's why! Now stop asking questions! ...and yet people still ask...

Teeheehee, yeshles, there are PC germs. Stands for Prince Cooties. I just love that. Cooties... who DOESN'T talk about Cooties anymore? ...hm? ... you say 99.9% of all adults currently alive in the world? ... um... YOU'RE LYING!

Giggling insanely,

5/7/2011 c2 Sylven
I had been planning on just reviewing at the end of the story. I really had. But... I couldn't help it. Too... many... MENTIONS of evil blue eyes...

I love this story so much. And part of the reason, I guess, is because it's so hilarious. And what else? It sounds almost as though it were narrated by me. 0.0 Yes. I can connect to the character. Easily. I worship you! (Not literally. I'm just complimenting you.)

Those eyes... EVIL BLUE EYES! Again, and again! Sarcasm gall-or! And the way she talked with the prince stick-in-the-mud, just lovely. Wonderful! Ah, such a wonderful story... and, of course, she's completely serious. She's not joking. I rarely joke, and yet I find so much funny. I'd like to take the place of this girl's mom. Just so I can tease Rhian. A lot. Or Rhian. So I can talk to Sir Bob. I am enjoying this story. It feels as though this is a game of pretend I'm playing where I don't switch my personality. It's very well written on top of that, so well that I forgot to mention the writing itself because I was too busy commenting on the story. Thank you. And the first chapter, itself. I read it, and was like, this author's a comedian! ...even though Rhian is... wait a sec. And confused myself. Then I came and started reading it aloud to my little sister. But she wandered away, claiming she was bored. So I pouted. What did SHE know anyway? It was a grat story! ...so I continued reading.

And- wait, living at the castle? I like how she just gives a lot of information, speaking first and thinking later. Or thinking first and thinking later. It seems very typical, these double-takes. And extremely in-character. Yes...

Happily reading,

4/22/2011 c1 Arisa
Rhian seems...perfect? She's beautiful, funny, kluttzy, and...beautiful? Abnormal hair, "mysterious" eyes...

But, then again, the chapter was well written with humor. I'm undoubtedly hooked.
1/18/2011 c1 4Rhiannon G
I like it so far. My name's Rhiannon, though I pronounce it Re-Ann-In, not like how Rhian pronounces it. I think it's kind of funny because everyone pronounces my name like her's is, when I pronounce it like it was in the celtic myth. I just find it ironic and felt I should comment on it. I like it, I was laughing the whole time I was reading this :)
12/12/2010 c7 1Charlee Rayne
you horrible person!
12/12/2010 c5 Charlee Rayne
i'm not sure i like this leah girl... she may b an enemy!
12/12/2010 c2 Charlee Rayne
duh! With beautiful story-eyes!
12/12/2010 c1 Charlee Rayne
this is so funny, I'm crying! What a sense of humor she has! You must have for writing it! Lucky, lucky person!
12/6/2010 c7 4The Howler
Poor princey. Ah, well. Great story so far! :)

9/25/2010 c18 3Ivymax1234
Mistrel is like Lucinda from Ella Enchanted. I know you said you didn't intend to make this like Ella Enchanted, but Mistrel is really extremely similar to Lucinda, in that she thinks her curse was a blessing.

Anyways, please update Royal Predicament and all your other stories soon.
9/18/2010 c2 Ivymax1234
Were they both gaining up on me?

I think you meant "ganging", not gaining.
9/6/2010 c18 4subtly.obvious
oh the funnyness :D

i loved it :)

the part where she got amnesia made me go "gasp! no"

but when she got her memory back i was like " yeah! go old man!"

and the nolan/gavin thing..

yeah youre a good writer. i love your brain. it has a good imagination :)
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