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12/30/2011 c10 AaliyahMarie
Wow! This story is really goood. =
1/20/2011 c10 ColourCascade
I can't say I liked your writing style - it seems much too rushed - and some scenes sound like you don't know what your talking about. But the storyline and the ideas behind the story and some sentences make up for that COMPLETELY... This is such a cute and sometimes sad but sweet story and I love it for that :) It's one of my favourites :)
4/13/2008 c10 kara gustuvus
You do realize that it takes several days to discover your pregnant. You can't just take a test the day after and magically find out. In fact it takes 3 days for you to actually become pregnant. The tests won't pick up on the hormones till after her next (missed) period. In fact, the next day, when she realized they didnt use protection, she could have gone in to the doctor for the morning after pill, which is just a highly concentrated version of BC that just stops the impregnation process before there is a baby...
9/19/2007 c10 1d666lisa
Brilliant :-)
12/26/2006 c1 deactivatedddddddd
o...I'm sensing a plot twist from what the end of this chapter hinted ^^

Good Story ^_^
10/21/2006 c10 6Anne Onymus
oh my god you made me cry! This is possibly the best story, I have ever read in my entier life. I don't even know what to say, I'm all chocked up, I just wish I sould write romance like you! Oh my god... you have to write a sequal to this, I dont know if you have... but I'm going to go check right now. oh my god I love this!

-x0x Annie
10/10/2006 c10 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
that was so cute!
8/10/2006 c1 3suckerforaslowsong
this story is so cute
2/11/2006 c10 REGRETABLE
i like this story lots, it's oober good, i don't really like how u write in "darling", but w/e, it's an awesome story, update soon!
1/27/2006 c2 AideenK
Hi, I haven't really got into this story yet, but I really wonder about these sentenceses: "He didn’t have his hat on and I saw that his head was shaved. I remembered that he was a nazi supporter or something to that extent" Is that really meant that way, or is it just a saying or something?Or ist that part of Nicks problem? Because if he really is a supporter of the Nazi- Regime or Neo- Nazis, I don't understand how it can be brushed over so lightly, as if it were nothing?
10/4/2005 c10 Devilswhore
aw this is such a sad story but such a good one...i love it so far..keep up the great work.

love Devilswhore
8/27/2005 c10 1Variable X
8/4/2005 c10 remae
Oh, I really like this story. I LOVE your last chapter, especially the last paragraph for some reason. At first I didn't understand your title (No Title) but now it all comes together, this was great.
7/9/2005 c10 Shaina
aww i don't know why but I have tears in my eyes :( it was just so wonderful and great, and nick was so effing sweet that i wanted to kill him with cuddles :) lol my god you should write a sequel! aw anyways, i loved it! love love love!
5/18/2005 c10 TheSilentTears
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