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4/2/2005 c10 4Lady Katreina
This was (and in my opinion, still is) A really good story! I love your style and I'll have to read your other stories (not tonight though it's 12:24 am ^_-) So good morning to you and I hope to reveiw more of your stories soon. (I kinda am jelous of Alice, a guy loves her, and from school even! though I doubt I want to get pregnent ^_^
3/7/2005 c10 7tickle-me-pretty15
*cries* this...was...such...a...great...story! It was so sad...but funny. I wish we could all find love like that.i think none of use should settle for anything less. Well i hope you continue writing.
1/25/2005 c10 FadingDarkness
I really enjoyed your story. You should make a sequel.
1/20/2005 c10 Sara Kay
This really is a great story. Is this the end? I sure hope not, even if it is, great ending. Nick is so sweet. Keep up the GREAT writting!

*Sara Kay
1/16/2005 c10 237battousai24
I loved it. It's a great story. It's just wonderful. Great ending.
1/14/2005 c10 4jladotcom
I really loved this story. You have a great writing style. I wholely encourage your writing.
1/6/2005 c10 10Behind-these-eyes
I love this story so much! it's on of my fave's here on Fictionpress. Your characters rule, and so does your writing.

Put more stuff on the site!
1/3/2005 c2 237battousai24
cool story.
5/10/2004 c10 FrozenKiwi
Bravo! I loved it... but it still seems a little unfinished. A follow-up story would rock my socks! :) I wish I could find a guy like Nick. *sighs wistfully*
5/9/2004 c10 complicatedlysimple
This was a good story. I liked the way it ended. But the killing made me sad. oh well. it was good. not corny and a smidgen unpredictable.
5/6/2004 c10 1crystal-chan
*tears* THAT IS SO BEAUTIFULL! I want a boyfriend now... update soon porfavor!
5/5/2004 c10 13Faded Soulfire
This story is awesome! If only there were more good guys in the world like Nick. He's so cute! Ah, but wow, poor Alice is pregnant. Things really seem to be heating up now. I hope you update soon. I wanna see what happens between the two, especially when Alice tells her mother.
Faded Soulfire
5/5/2004 c10 Evyn
Wow, kick ass...it makes sense that the story has no title now. Well anyway I loved the story...And I hope you make a sequel.
5/4/2004 c1 Diane
Hey, I'm just a reader passing by. Well, I mean to read your story, and I will...but well I haven't started yet.. Well that's beside the point. I was just reading the summary of the story and I noticed you had "no title" as the title... I don't know..but how about you use "Understood" ? like those authors that make one word titles? I think it's rather... I odn't know how to explain...alluring? Do you understand where I am getting at? Well you should think about it... I am not sure if it'll match the story because I have not read it yet.. but I will and get back to you later to see if I still agree with "Understod" so for now... think about it... and get back to me! Tell me what you think!
5/2/2004 c9 mdassley
awesome story keep up the good work and update asap or i will go psycho...lol
no...really i will
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