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for Your Broken Angel

8/20/2005 c1 17Yokotaashi
Wow, so much emotion in on one feeling, its hard to imagine untill you experience it.
4/12/2004 c1 196Damaged
0_0 This is probably one of your finest pieces! I LOVE it! I really liked these lines:
" I've learned the hard way,
that love is just a game,
a game played by fools,
a game full of pain,
it isn't real, it isn't lasting,
just like everything else,
its blown to the wind,
still a fool made of poison,
a fool like me,
played the game,
and became a crumpled being,
now I have nothing, "
They are so easy to relate to and have so much depth and meaning between the lines. They took my breath away and really meant something to me. Great poem!
4/11/2004 c1 127Eirien
This is well done, it has really touched my heart. The amount of emotion transpiring from your lines is great, and you expand the image of "a heart of glass" nicely.
There is a typo "they fall to the ground" instead of "so the ground".
I like the range of connotations, emotions and motives hidden in the one phrase "my beautiful crimson tears". This poem is really convincing, reading it makes me want to hug the speaker and comfort her. ;.;
4/10/2004 c1 35ForgottenLover
Good job! very sad, but very good

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