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for Angels of the Night

5/19/2004 c1 Evenstar120
I liked this story the first time I read it, and I liked it even better the second time. I especially love the way the vampires get Aldermann for his abusive ways. Cool story. I hope that maybe you'll even write another story or chapter about Anna and Daniel. I think they have a lot of potential as characters in a long story, or multiple ones.
5/1/2004 c1 1Bang Bang
This girl is good. She puts her heart and soul into a story. Very good characters and flow. Great job :)
4/10/2004 c1 IrishVampire13
Hmm...I like this. Perhaps I'm partial, since-as you can see from my name-I prefer vampire stories. But this is very well-written; I especially liked the ending.

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