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1/27/2009 c6 NarutoVixin
not bad for a first story keep at it time will tell
1/20/2007 c1 5Kazoshi
Hmm...very nice. Confusing at first but I got over it ^^
6/19/2006 c6 Oki3xDoki3
Omg, me likes! This is soo effen cute! I love Leon! Through out the whole thing i grinned and my face was plastered to the screen! eheeheheh. Much ♥ cant wait till next chappy! I got my eye on u!
3/8/2006 c6 Neji's Soulmate
um... has this story been abandoned? Please say no. So far I'm liking Leon more and more although I thought he was a bastard to poor Alex in the beginning. Yay, Alex now has a protector, wonder how Gene-boy will take that. *evil laugh* Anyway please continue, good story
1/8/2006 c5 chinotto
ok.. i reviewed the last chapter before this one. and.. also before i read it. BUT! aww... gene is an ass. but probably has some form(s) of childhood trauma.. lol. i had the oddest thought.. gene calling leon "daddy". my god. that's terrible :P

ugh! college... do you mean highschool or university? i always get confused with that. gah. either way, this fic is awesome. gonna check out all your other ones now :D *pop*
1/8/2006 c6 chinotto
*smile* *smile* *controls salivatory glands*
11/23/2005 c6 1Prisoner-11
Ohh... Need more of this... So cute! I want those pics the fangirls took!
11/5/2005 c6 Sporkess
Hey, this story is good. I looked at your summary thing at the very beginning and thinking, "this really doesn't bode well", but I enjoyed the story a lot. I'm very intrigued by Alex's presumably traumatic past.

Update soon?
9/19/2005 c4 1Lidyah
You shouldn't add your author's note at the end of a chapter.

I'm loving this :)
9/19/2005 c3 Lidyah
So who is Leann to Alex? I like Leon he's so cool. lol
9/19/2005 c2 Lidyah
I'm guessing that maybe Leon is an older guy here. I am still very confused, which this time isn't so good, because I have no idea what is happening. We'll see
9/19/2005 c1 Lidyah
o, that was hot. What is going on here. Majorly confused but a good kind. Update soon =)
6/30/2005 c6 4Kazumi Kairi or Kairi-chan
Finally after all these months you've finally updated your 6th chapter of this greatest story of yours. I just loved the way you wrote this shounen ai. ^^

Keep it up! I'm getting too excited to know what's going to happen next. X3
2/2/2005 c5 16Painted Desert
i like it! keep writing!
1/22/2005 c3 19Cookie Gestapo
It was a little shaky the first two chapters.

It seemed like you were experimenting with them.

But the last three chapters turned out pretty well.

I'll add this to my favorites list so i can keep checking on the storie. ^^
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