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for The search for the magical sword of something

4/17/2004 c2 5Enigma-Nemesis
Hm... I personally like this story A LOT! As usual, your chapters are short, but I agree that it does speed up loading times... at least for me. Love the way you describe everything. Please update soon, and you BETTER think of good names for your characters! =_=
Anyway, thx for reviewing my other stories... IMP is still being planned, revised... you get the drift. Meanwhile, I'm currently thinking about the next chapter of A Young Man's Vision... expect it within a couple of weeks, depending on the amount of schoolwork I receive. Got to go, see ya later!
4/15/2004 c2 150SpawnMeister666
I'm intrigued to know more about where this is all going.
Well go on then. What are you waiting for? Get writing dammit!
4/11/2004 c2 3Sillygoose49
Hm...he's an elf...interesting. Update soon!
4/10/2004 c1 Sillygoose49
Interesting. Update soon, because I want to know what will happen next.

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