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for Women of the Sea Chapter One

6/13/2005 c1 9Just Jenita

I really don't think it should matter to you what anyone thinks, write for yourself, and for no one else! So what if no one likes it, if you have a great time writing it, why should it matter?

I, for one, like this story, but if you don't like writing it, I won't force you to continue. If you do like writing it, I would be happy to read more.

I really like your descriptions...of everything. You really use SDT language (show don't tell)- about the captain especially.

Are the 'women of the sea' really evil? or do they just seem that way? perhaps it is a misunderstanding, centuries old. Perhaps the captain- or his son/daughter- could uncover it. Or perhaps you already have plans for this story. I hope you do.

Keep writing- it doesn't matter what I, or anyone else- thinks. Because writing isn't about that. It's about having a great time.


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