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for the rock show

8/1/2004 c1 96AutumnRhapsody
Your poetry is so sad; so infused with emotion. That's why it's so wondeful, although your use of punctuation and of capitalization also adds to it a lot. Love it.
4/15/2004 c1 32EveryNowAndThen
Congratulations... You have successfully transported me back in time.
"your hand touched mine and i was
afraid to move, because i can be broken
with a single word and i know you can too."
I have lived this moment.
I liked how you said rock shows were a place for the wannabe-misunderstood... Too many people try too hard to NOT fit in. I know that's not the point of this poem, but I picked that up anyway.
Innocence is a blessing and a curse... Good point. It's nice to treasure it, but you'll have to let it go sometime, and it's hard to do that without feeling bad.
This whole poem gave me a tingly, eerily familiar feeling.
4/14/2004 c1 119AntiPleasure
Wow I'm immensely impressed! Quite descriptive emotions and the reader can acknowledge them well. I like it, keep up your good work.
Jenna xx

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