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for Bloody Hands

6/14/2005 c4 9Just Jenita
Okay, first thing I must say, and I'm not lying about this one, this is a great story.

Most of the things I want to say I've already said in the other review for WotS. For example:a. it is a great story.b. you really shouldn't care whether people like it or not.(just my opinion).c. I really like your descriptions.

One thing I will note about this story is that you mention priestess a lot... but I do not see any mention of religious practices, texts, etc. (I am an atheist, so I don't really CARE about the religious aspects of this story, but it is something I noticed.)

Keep writing it... but only if YOU want to!

4/17/2004 c3 TG Muka
Very nice. I like how you started a story without instant swordplay, because I always do that. I'm a sword kind of guy.
But as I said before, very good story. You should continue it, I'll keep an eye on this story.
4/16/2004 c1 falconstrife86
Wow. This was good. And you say it was just a writing excercise to begin with? I liked this, and now I shall read further.
4/12/2004 c1 13arwen-evenstar89
wow. That's scary, but in a nice sort of way. I think you should DEFINETELY continue it!

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