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for Darkness at Dawn

6/24/2016 c28 intermezzzoo
this story is absolutely unique. it has a very original plot. initially, it reminded me of sleeping beauty because of the curse and i was very confused because the vague explanations for things but towards the end, the revelation was simply amazing because everything made sense it was so unexpected ! this story is amazing
4/12/2015 c2 2auroraglider
I am definitely hooked on this story.
4/12/2015 c1 auroraglider
I am very excited about this story. I love the way you write. I can't wait to read more.
2/19/2014 c26 Guest
Great chapter! Ps, that's wake me up when September ends, not boulevard of broken dreams hahah
8/10/2011 c28 Jodiexxx
It's finished! For a moment there, I thought it would been Brenton and Nikki! XD Punk-rocker? That part stunned me. LOL. But yay. I'm gonna assume that's Zander in the last part!

Uh, I'm not sure if I'm just the dimmest bulb on the tree or anything, but the stuffs weren't that clear to me - I'm still kind of confused as to how they can communicate with each other without speaking and how they can look into their own past lives. And it was, well, kinda fast. The falling in love part. Though, I suppose, it could be attributed to Tommy loving her in their past lives. The ending up together was a lil abrupt, too.

But overall this was fairly enjoyable, and I'd love to read any future stories you night want to come up with, so I'm putting you on Author Alert. ;D And the POV switch was fine. The problem is that I haven't decided on the main pairing for Happiness, or if there should even be a main pairing at all. D:
8/10/2011 c27 Jodiexxx
Wahhh. So there was no curse. And all that stuff - is from her past life? Ma gawd. (:

It's still a little messy, but okay, I somewhat understand. Are they like psychics?

8/10/2011 c26 Jodiexxx
They're together...? And Lolololol, that gay part was totally unexpected. XD

8/10/2011 c25 Jodiexxx
Well, it got more and more mysterious, that's for sure :/

Moving on!

8/10/2011 c24 Jodiexxx
That was helluva cruel. God, if I were Zander I would have slapped her or something. Cough.

8/10/2011 c23 Jodiexxx
Deep, but a tad too deep; I don't quite get it. Why are they acting so enigmatic?

8/10/2011 c22 Jodiexxx
He's so suggestive and possessive, he's sexy. ;D

I looooooove when he gets jealous of his Dad. :DD

8/10/2011 c21 Jodiexxx
...Nikki likes Cerise? Well, good for her 'cause I don't. Nikki and Zander seem to be able to communicate via telepathy or something. ._. Just something interesting to note. XD Ew. Brenton was such a jerk about it! I mean, dude, you don't have to announce your friend's ex-crush on you to your frigging son who has the hots for her and who also looks exactly like you! ==

8/10/2011 c20 Jodiexxx
I wonder what Nikki said to her. ._. Lolzxc. :D What's with Zander's enthusiasm towards swimming? And this suspense about the curse is KILLING MEH.
8/10/2011 c19 Jodiexxx
Trololol! They held hands~ And Cerise, sorry. Huh, an old cell phone. LOL.

8/10/2011 c18 Jodiexxx
Is that curse something to make Brenton's son fall in love with her or somethin'? And zomg she gave that frigging necklace to him. -_- Wow. I thought she'd throw it away or something, 'cause she was so freaked out earlier. :D

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